About Me

Hello, I’m Lisa, a former beauty editor for glossy magazines who has written – and still does occasionally – for some of the UKs top lifestyle titles. Nowadays, work is mostly about ‘creating content’ – meaning, it’s still about the words – for clients and brands in the beauty and wellness industry.

EXCITING NEWS UPDATE: Since June 2019, I have been commissioned as a columnist for Love It! Magazine. I am really happy to be writing a page each week, called Midlife Mum, sharing my experiences on the ups and downs of menopausal midlife and ideas on how to stay positive, have fun and look and feel fabulous as we age. How exciting to be able to reach out to so many women like me! It’s out each Thursday, so grab a copy and read all about it.


As a busy midlife woman with 3 kidults, a stressed husband and a slobbery but totally adorable black lab Troy, I created Glowology as a platform to help inspire women who are on a similar journey and may need a bit of positivity thrown their way. Times are definitely changing in our favour and it’s not all about putting up with wrinkles, hot flushes and age discrimination. I am seeking and sharing ways we can feel and look wonderful in the skin we are in and I’d love you join me on this fun ride from 50 and beyond – hold on to your pelvic floor, it could get bumpy!