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In My Happy Place – The Beach 😀

I’m a former Cosmo and Woman’s Own beauty editor and have written for many print and online titles such as Sunday Times Style, Financial Times How to Spend it, Healthy, Essentials and Best. And now, I am flying the flag for fab 45 + with my glow-getting wellbeing & beauty blog!

Over the years I’ve had my share of finger-dipping beautiful makeup and slathering on creams costing a small fortune and it’s been marvellous.  I love keeping up with the latest developments in skincare and treatments and finding out about trends in fitness and nutrition and hope to bring this information to my lovely readers – you!  But remember, it’s all about PRO-ageing never ANTI-ageing!

But, as a working mum with three ‘kidults’ of 23, 21 and 18 with a stressed husband and a slobbery, muddy but oh-so-loveable black Labrador, Troy, I’m more than aware that life isn’t all glamorous get togethers and bottomless bank balances, so I want this blog to keep it real and bring you ideas, tips and products which are accessible to us – real women. That’s not to say the odd sparkly, blow-the-budget makeup range won’t ever be featured – we all love to dream, right?

So, welcome to my blog, and if you’re wondering, ‘What is Glowology?’ Well, it may not be a real science like the other ologies out there, but I think it sums up well the art of what I’m trying to achieve in my busy life – which is to feel and look as good, healthy and happy as I possibly can. This can sometimes fail – often miserably – but part of Glowology is knowing that nobody’s perfect and that whatever our age, size or circumstances, we can certainly have fun trying to be the best we can be, so LET’S GLOW!


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