My 6 Week Body & Mind Makeover Challenge – week one

A friend, let’s call her Toni, was telling me about somebody she knew who had been trying for years to shape-up and lose weight and then, after years of talking about it, she finally succeeded. Apparently this woman always looked lovely but she said that she’d put on a lot of weight going through the menopause and wanted to drop the excess pounds that she felt were making her feel sluggish and not as energetic as she wanted to be. Looking at her now super slim friend in awe, Toni asked her, “How did you do it?” Then, sat back, excitedly waiting for the secret to slimness to be spilt…”I ate less than I normally do and I started going to the gym 3 times a week,” replied Toni’s friend. “Yeah…and what else?” Toni asked. Well, there wasn’t anything else. The End…

A Festive Kind Of Limbo


Having a quick scroll through Twitter I realise I’m not on my own when it comes to feeling a bit in limbo between Christmas and New Year. It’s a strange few days isn’t it? I feel a little bit like Alice in Wonderland in a weird parallel universe…it’s my life but not my life. Things look normal outside but they’re somehow off-kilter. Even the weather is an odd mixture – bright sunshine, frost, cold winds and then warm patches (but that last bit may be a hot flush.) Anyway, it’s strange and I feel strange…

2016 – Let’s Talk!


Dear 2016,

You’re starting to look a little festive and sparkly – I guess you’re ready to make your fond farewell. So now is the perfect time to have a little chat about how you got on. Thank you for having me around for the last 12 months, it’s been great knowing you, but before you go, there are few things I’d like to discuss in order to ensure that 2017 is even more fabulous than you…

Light Therapy at The Sun Meadow K West Hotel and Spa

me with coffeeIf I was to choose a theme tune to my life, it would possibly be the Monty Python Life of Brian’s Always Look on the Bright Side of Life. Seeing the proverbial glass half full rather than half empty is something I try to do and think I manage it quite well most of the time. But I must admit the dark, cold, gloomy days of winter often test my sunny nature to its limits and that’s why I was more than excited when, just before Christmas, I was kindly invited to test out the S.A.D busting Sun Meadow in the Spa at west London’s K West Hotel…

5 Ways to Keep Your Festive Fizz

beautiful girl at christmas

So the time is finally here take a break from your normal every day life and start thinking about Christmas and all the joy – and stress – it brings. Being a California girl at heart (in a west London girl’s body) I feel a little less excited about Christmas than I do hot sunny holidays and beaches – especially now my children have grown up and Santa and innocent nativity plays have made way for eye watering expensive present lists, snap chatting selfies and hangovers (and that’s just me and Stressed Husband!). I’m not a total bah humbug though as I can definitely understand the excitement about eating and drinking all the chocolate and champagne you can get your hands on – without guilt – and spending time with loved ones and chilling out in onesies infant of the TV.  One thing I do believe is that where there is celebration, there is glamour and happiness (even in a onesie) and here’s how to keep your own festive fizz bubbling this holiday…

Skin Sparkling Facial: The Dermalogica BioSurface Peel

 Liberty xmas baubles

You can’t get much more Christmassy than the beautiful Liberty department store in London. It oozes Great British charm and its old fashioned façade and quaint wooden panelling and staircases are the perfect backdrop to festive decorations. That’s why each year I can’t resist dropping in and drumming up enthusiasm for the busy few weeks ahead by visiting the sparkle and glitter of the 4th floor Christmas Shop. This year I caught sight of my reflection in a shiny bauble and decided that my complexion could do with a bit of added sparkle too.

Feel Good Family Holiday

family skiing

As you know, this blog is all about those things (and people) that help make you look and feel as fabulous as you can while having fun at the same time. That’s why I’m kicking off my first blog of 2014 with a post about my feel-good Christmas family holiday…

What's Not to Love Wednesday: Next Home Accessories

main image

On Monday, I popped into my local branch of Next to see if they had any suitable gift ideas in the homes department. I wasn’t holding out much hope as, although I’d always liked the children’s bedding, Next wasn’t usually a store I’d think of for my homewares or gifts. Well, well, well…I can now say that I have honestly completely changed my opinion and not only did I find multiple lovely gift ideas, I also left with bags of lovely stuff for my home too.

APOLOGY ANNOUNCEMENT: Sorry Stressed Husband, I know I haven’t shown you the purchases yet, but please be happy – the items look a hell of a lot more expensive than they actually are…promise. 🙂

Friday’s Fabulous Beauty Flash

Christmas Pressies

I’ve been so overwhelmed with the array of fabulous beauty Christmas gift sets and must-haves I’ve seen this season that I’m choosing a few of my favourites to highlight on this post. If Santa is reading this, remember this is just the abridged version of my beauty wish list, there is another, much more comprehensive list lying casually on my dressing table…in case you were wondering 😉 

What’s Not to Love Wednesday: Sparkly Shoes

image via Pinterest
image via Pinterest

Last night I watched the film Behind the Candelabra, which is the life story of uber flamboyant entertainer and pianist, Liberace, superbly acted by Michael Douglas. Near the end of the movie, as he appeared on stage donned in a full length white mink with millions of diamonds glittering about his person, he uttered these words that resonated with me and inspired today’s post: “Too much of a good thing is…WONDERFUL”

What's Not to Love Wednesday: Faux Fur

Faux Fur Parka

During the Glowology family Summer holiday to Greece, Stressed Husband and I were amazed at the shop selling furs in our hotel. Yes, fur! Not bikinis – or even mankinis – but hot, cosy fur! And it was at least 90c degrees. There were floor sweeping coats, short jackets, swingy capes, impossible-not-to-stroke gilets, hats and bags, all in a remarkable array of hues. I think it was real fur, so because of that, along with the fact there were no fur bikinis – imagine! – I didn’t feel inclined to make a purchase. I did however, realise there is no texture more glamorous than those silky strands of fur and that whoever you are, and no matter what shape, size or age, a woman has to have at least a little bit of it in her wardrobe…

Grey: The New Neutral Nail

image: Essie
image: Essie

Since the prestigious paint company, Farrow & Ball, showcased its ubiquitous, go-with-everything paint shade Elephant’s Breath, grey has taken over as the new go-to in the world of fashion and interiors. It’s also been the shade for nails to be seen in and the trend – as seen on the Autumn 2013 catwalk – is still going stronger than ever. Why the longevity? Well, it works so well with whatever colour you wear and there’s a nuance to flatter any skin tone. So next time you’re looking for a polish that will look good in any season, Forego the wishy-washy beige and barely-there pink and go for grit with grey – the new nail neutral.