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Not often do I come across a product that makes me go ‘What? how did that happen?’ but this hair puffer upper did exactly that! 

Nanogen hair thickening spray

A quick spritz of Nanogen Root Boost Hair Thickening Spray, £9.95 really gives locks volume, oomph and lift all without leaving it feeling sticky or stiff as cardboard. You can use it on dry hair to pump up it up in between washes or on damp hair before styling for ultimate lift. 

What’s the magic behind it? Well, this clever little spray contains a polymer and sea salt (the number one ingredient for volumised beachy waves and perfect festival hair). The polymer helps lift roots, coats hair strands making them look and feel thicker. And, what’s great is, it also includes proteins and moisturisers to prevent that crispy feel!

There are lots of other hair thickening products in the range which I haven’t personally checked out but I’ve heard great things from fellow bloggers, so if thin or limp hair is a problem for you, have a look at their website here

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after hair

That ‘just stepped out of a salon’ feeling is just the best isn’t it? I popped into my regular, fantastic little salon – The Chiswick Salon – the other day for a cut and highlights that were well overdue – as you can see in the first picture below. I went in feeling a bit under the weather as I’d not been sleeping too well – and came out feeling fresher and fabulous with a definite skip in my step.

Long hair but good lighting!
Long hair but good lighting!

Yesterday, fabulous over 40s fashion blogger, Catherine Summers, at Not Dressed As Lamb asked the question in a feature she wrote for Good Housekeeping online: Can You Wear Leather Trousers Over 40, 50, 60…? The resounding reply from her readers was YES, WE CAN! I got involved with the debate on Twitter and threw in my tuppence worth which is, I wouldn’t wear them because I never have, they don’t suit my shape (I think) but I believe my gorgeous mum, who is in her 70s, could still wear them and look amazing. And today in the Daily Mail, there was another myth exposed as writer, Virginia Ironside grew her usual short locks long and proved that, even in her 70s, long hair can look wonderful! I tell you what, let’s just rip up the beauty and style rule book for over 40s and rebel…we can do, wear and be what the hell we please…with cherries on top!

Not Dressed As Lamb
Not Dressed As Lamb

Helen Hunt long hair

Julianne Moore long hair

Heidi Klum

Julia Roberts long hair

Daphne Selfe model

All of these celebrities above look gorgeous and I’m not saying we shouldn’t be careful of entering the mutton zone, just that we should be confident enough to wear whatever makes us happy and feel good, whatever our age. What do you think?



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Cheryl Versini-Fernandez L'Oreal Elnett
Cheryl Versini-Fernandez L’Oreal Elnett

Our hair is meant to be our crowning glory, not a messy nest that we spend hours on and shed tears over, and I know that if our hair doesn’t go right, then it affects how we feel. There’s no denying a fabulous salon cut and colour can really help, but lately I’ve been wondering about purchasing some clip in extensions – not for every day, but just for when I want a little more oomph.

beautiful girl at christmas

So the time is finally here take a break from your normal every day life and start thinking about Christmas and all the joy – and stress – it brings. Being a California girl at heart (in a west London girl’s body) I feel a little less excited about Christmas than I do hot sunny holidays and beaches – especially now my children have grown up and Santa and innocent nativity plays have made way for eye watering expensive present lists, snap chatting selfies and hangovers (and that’s just me and Stressed Husband!). I’m not a total bah humbug though as I can definitely understand the excitement about eating and drinking all the chocolate and champagne you can get your hands on – without guilt – and spending time with loved ones and chilling out in onesies infant of the TV.  One thing I do believe is that where there is celebration, there is glamour and happiness (even in a onesie) and here’s how to keep your own festive fizz bubbling this holiday…

Jerry Hall

If anyone was guilty of Repunzel Syndrome, it was 57 year old glamorous gran and supermodel, Jerry Hall. So, how surprised were we when she took to Twitter showing off a fresh new do, having cut off at least half a foot of bleached blonde mane? Gone were her trademark tumbling curls and in their place was a fabulous, silky and healthy looking shoulder length wavy bob. There doesn’t seem to be anything life-changing that inspired this lovely ‘Lob’ (that’s short from long bob to those in the know – that’s us!). Apparently, Jerry just decided to lop of her locks on a whim during a photo shoot with L’Oreal Professionnel.  

Lisa's new hair colour

I wasn’t born blonde, but aged about 10, over the space of the six weeks summer holiday, a mixture of sunshine and swimming pool chlorine magically transformed me from a mousy haired tomboy to a flaxen, tanned beach chick. It was this new hair colour – I believed – that got me my first ever dance at the disco with dishy Dean. I didn’t care that my hair had literally been bleached and almost destroyed (it squeaked when I touched it!) by the sun and chlorine. It was blonde. I became popular with the boys. End of…

Image credit: choreograph / 123RF Stock Photo

If you were on Family Fortunes and they asked you to name a popular hairstyle, I bet the answer Ponytail would get you the highest score. It’s a style that’s been around for years and when done properly, can make your 2 minutes of effort look amazing. But beware the versions that give ponytails a bad name such as the much giggled at Croydon Facelift, where it’s scraped up and back so tightly, your eyes and forehead wind up heading north giving you a ‘stuck in a wind tunnel or battered with Botox’ look, or the bland ‘I couldn’t be bothered, I’m off to Lidl’ look, which is a greasy, loosely tied at the nape of the neck with zilch effort affair. The perfect ponytail can pack a punch with just a few minutes of coiffing. Here’s how…