Do You Know Self-Doubting Deirdre?

Good morning! So you’re awake. What time is it? Oh, 3am – and I’m here, as usual. Same time, same place. Please don’t close your eyes and ignore me – I’m self-doubting Deirdre and I’m here for a reason. I’m here to tell you that what you’ve been thinking all along is true. You’re not good enough.

5 Ways To Wake Up Happy!

Oh I knooooow! It’s Monday. It’s raining. The alarm is buzzing like an angry bumblebee caught in a glass and all I want to do is pull the duvet back over my head and put an OOO (Out Of Office notice people) on my whole life…Or at least I did, until I worked out ways of making waking up and getting proactive, a lot easier. I’m not saying these tips always work, but they sure as hell have helped me 99% of the time. And as I’m a S.A.D sufferer and a flip flops-and-beach-for-life kinda girl, I’m guessing – and hoping – that they will help you too…