Mimi Luzon

When you’re given the chance to meet the highly regarded skincare specialist from Israel, Mimi Luzon, who has worked her magic on the faces of  international celebrities including Victoria Secret’s model, Alessandra Ambrosia at the world’s glamorous fashion shows and awards, what do you do? Apart from wonder whether, after treating such beauty Goddesses, she might wither at the sight of my 47 year old very mortal face, I thought “Let me at her!” If anyone knows the secrets to fabulous, youthful looking skin, she does. Here’s what we chatted about:

The ageing process starts younger than you think!

Did you know that the human growth hormone which is produced in our pituitary gland and is responsible for keeping us youthful, healthy and vital in both body and mind, begins to decline around the age of 14? Yep, 14! One of Mimi’s latest products, HGF Youth Serum has been developed with this knowledge and is enriched with a peptide that emulates the action of this hormone to boost the skin’s immune system, provide deep hydration, encourage cell rejuvenation and protection which will help lead to a fresh, radiant complexion. It’s not available in the UK yet, but Mimi gave me a little sample to take home with me. I’m thinking of employing a bouncer to watch over my cosmetics bag to stop my girls getting their hands on it…now they’re not quite as young as they think they are 🙂

So, Mimi explained that we need to teach our girls (and boys) to start looking after their skin from a really young age. Clean away impurities, protect it from the sun as much as possible and keep it moisturised.

The worst skin spoiling culprits are…

Hot water, air conditioning/central heating and touching our faces! Mimi says she can’t believe how many women go to her with a break out and congested skin complaining that they don’t know why their skin is misbehaving. She watches as they talk – putting their bacteria riddled mobile phones against their cheeks and constantly touching their skin with dirty fingers. She stresses to them: “Leave it alone!” Keep skin as clean as you can and wash hands and wipe phones regularly to prevent bacteria getting onto the face.

Extremes in temperature such as very hot water or too warm central heating can really sap the skin of its goodness and play havoc with the skin’s natural PH mantle, so no matter how horrendous our winter is, avoid too hot baths and hogging the radiator!

Everyone deserves perfect skin:

This is Mimi’s motto. I asked her about the role stress plays on the condition of our  skin and she says that women today often take on too much, reaching levels of extreme fatigue and this is where she often sees them turning up with ‘premature aging’ asking for her help. Mimi believes we should seek help for our skin problems and try to prevent them in the first place by looking after ourselves from the inside out.

Try to eat healthily and exercise but don’t forget that you should also spend time on looking after your skin as much as you can. Professional skin treatments and high quality products are an investment.  “After all” Mimi said “You wouldn’t take your car to get fixed but tell the mechanic not to worry about replacing the broken light” So, she says we should look at ourselves as a whole and don’t think of skin as an ‘add on’.

As Mimi was in London introducing the latest Alma Impact Expert™ laser to press and skincare clinics, she allowed me to experience its effectiveness by trying it on me.  Using a variety of products chosen specifically for my maturing, dehydrated skin type, the gentle acoustic waves emitted from the handheld laser help advance active ingredients into the skin’s layers for enhanced results. It felt warming but quite comfortable even though the sounds were a little strange – a bit like squeaky radio signals (sort of how I’d imagine aliens sounding!). 

Without a doubt my skin looked fresher and more youthful immediately after – Mimi said this is one of her celebrity favourites, so it’s got to be good!

At the moment this treatment is available The Mayfair Practice but you can find out about other stockist from ABC lasers on 0845 170 7788.

Mimi’s No1 Quote: “The confidence a lovely complexion gives us is priceless.” I agree!

It was a pleasure to meet Mimi and talk to her about her obvious passion and expertise in skin. It was also lovely to find out that she has a teenage girl and boy who also keep her busy – just like me! 

For more information on Mimi Luzon and her wonderful work and research on skin, click here.

skinceuticals resveratrol B

Many products that I kindly get sent for consideration to review on my blog or to possibly include in features I write for magazines, always get a thorough testing. As do the products I buy myself – and, as I’m an advertiser’s dream (aka sucker) there are many, I can tell you. Some work well and I like to let my readers know about them, others can be a bit disappointing, so I don’t mention them as I don’t like to write negative posts. Today’s post is all about a great little skin treat that has sent my brilliant beauty buy alert into overdrive…

Me and Aimee

We all know there’s a huge difference between the skin of a 20 year old and that of a 47 year old – take me and my girl above. The skincare regime of a 40 something and a 20 something should differ quite dramatically – young ‘un would be wanting products for normal skin or blemishes and shiny patches whereas older ‘un would be looking for creams and potions that firm and moisturise and hopefully wipe the years away.  Very rarely have I come across a product that will become a must have for both my skin and my daughter’s – until now! And it comes in the shape of this unique little beauty baby – resurf.a.stic.


I was lucky enough to receive a sample of this in my goodie bag at Antonia Mariconda’s beauty blogging workshop which I wrote about here and, happily that goodie bags seems to have gone on and on and on (no complaints!).

My 20 year old daughter, Aimee (aka Drama Queen) came to meet me after the blogging workshop and, Antonia being the generous lady that she is, saw my girl eyeing up the beauty treats – well, her eyes were literally on stalks – and kindly gave a few samples of products to her to take away too!

A few days later I got a text: Mum, have you tried that exfoliation stick thingy yet? It’s amazing! I hadn’t, even thought I had it on my Products To Try List. But Aimee’s text piqued my interest and so I dove into the bottom of my goody bag to retrieve it.

Resurf.a.stic looks unique – in all my years of beauty writing, I’ve never come across an exfoliator in stick form. And I don’t know why because it’s such a great idea! Simply twist from the bottom and the product pops up in the style of an antiperspirant stick and winds down again once it’s been used. No mess. Handy and portable.resurfastic company shot

The instruction for us say to use the stick once or twice a week and that’s what I, like Aimee, began to do. Rather than a regular exfoliating cream or gel, the resurf.a.stic is branded as microdermabrasion crystals in gel stick form and what’s an interesting addition to this formulation is that it also contains bio-active hydrating moisturisers and healing Cactus and Orchid. So once you cleanse, then wet your face, you apply the stick in circular motions over your skin from forehead to cheeks, nose, chin and neck. The microcrystals which are expended in the gel stick get to work exposing healthier, smoother skin meaning the moisturisers have fresh, clean skin to sink their goodness into. 

I’ve always had a bit of an aversion to ‘exfoliators’ as I think I overdid the apricot kernels as a young woman and instead of making my skin look healthy and clean it just looked sore and red! Nowadays though, with technology in beauty products and treatments moving so fast, microdermabrasion in salons and skin sloughing products in the shops are much, much more gentle and effective. So, resurf.a.stic is staying in my cosmetics bag and my girl’s too!

aimee as cinders in gold

Resurf.a.stic has found its way to my daughter at just the right time. She’s playing Cinderella in panto this Christmas which means lots and lots of heavy stage makeup and she swears using this every few days really helps keep her skin super clean and blemish free. In the spirit of panto I would like to shout out ‘oh no it doesn’t’ but I know it’s more a case of ‘oh yes it does!’

It’s fairly expensive at £44 but it lasts for ages and ages and I would buy it again. Available here.






all the products

It was only when I noticed that I was being drawn daily to the same five beauty products that I realised I had to share their wonderfulness with you. I’m lucky to be sent products by some great PRs to review for features I’m writing for women’s magazines or for my blog which means I often swap and change – sometimes trying out as many as 3 or 4 moisturisers in one week. So when I find a product that I keep returning to – you know it’s got to be a goodie. So, without further ado, and in no particular order, I would like to introduce you to my latest Fab Five Beauty Greats…

Garnier Body Oil

Garnier Body Oil Beauty Lotion is my best friend after a shower. While my skin is still slightly damp, a few pumps of this lotion slathered onto the whole body is all I need to keep my skin feeling soft and smelling gorgeous! I love the pump action of this bottle – it’s so quick and easy to use and mess free. It’s great for when I’m in a rush as there’s no faffing around taking off and replacing lids so it means I’ve got no excuse not to just ‘pump and go’! It contains 4 nourishing oils: Argan, Macadamia, Almond and Rose which help to replenish the skin with moisture and protect it from drying out. On the back of the bottle it says that during a 1 week consumer test taken by 41 women, 95% agreed there was a noticeable smoothness to skin and 78% noticed a visible difference in radiance. What’s more, it’s only £6.99 and one bottle lasts for yonks!

excuviance cleansing creme

Next up is Exuviance Gentle Cleansing Creme. This is from a dermatologist developed skincare range which I hadn’t heard about until I received this product as one of the amazing freebies at the brilliant Antonia Mariconda’s Beauty Blogger’s Workshop which I wrote about here.

Now, this came at quite an opportune time for me because (and here’s where I tell you my sordid secret) I’ve been trying to wean myself off cleansing with facial wipes. Yep, I’ve admitted it. I feel like I should be thrown into a beauty editor’s prison alongside those who secretly forgo the SPF30 or trim their own fringes with toenail scissors! So, I grabbed the chance of trying this and you know what? It’s so lovely that I’ve finally given up those skin drying facial wipes for good…or until the next time I have a  late night and can’t be bothered…shhh.

My dry, sensitive skin has blossomed over the few weeks I’ve been using this cleanser. After applying it to moistened skin I massage it in so that the soothing ingredients like extracts of Cucumber Fruit, Rosemary Leaf and Aloe Leaf condition while the anti ageing ingredient Polyhydroxy Acid (PHA) protects and hydrates. It’s great for all skin types and if you’ve been looking for a gentle, anti ageing cleanser that can remove all traces of makeup and still leave skin feeling fresh, clean and soft, you can stop looking. This is it! It’s a bit pricey at around £39 but its a very high quality product which works wonderfully and what’s better is I’ve just found it on offer for £29.50 at www.effortlessskin.com.

mark hill shampoo

Mark Hill Little Hottie Does It All Everyday Shampoo is one of those handy little tubes that you can chuck in a gym bag or take away on holiday and it’s a formula that suits all hair types. It’s the ideal every day shampoo and all five of us in my family have used it and loved it – even my 18 year old son who is very particular about his haircare! I really like its light, slightly fruity fragrance and the fact that it contains a heat protector and seems to moisturise my dry hair enough so that I only need a small dollop of conditioner afterwards to leave it feeling in good condition. Being so small – and cheap at £1.99, I need to stock up and I think I’ll get a few for all the family

moisture serum

Rajeunir Moisture Serum is what I would term a ‘hero’ product. A hero product is what lots of women’s magazines and big beauty companies are now calling their favourite beauty finds – basically, it’s a product which rises above the rest. A bit like how some models have now become super rather than just models – but whatever, this is definitely one of mine! As you can see, I’ve nearly finished this tube. I fell in love with it on my recent American road trip and it’s been part of my skincare regime since then. I was asked by its lovely PR to try this and so I took it to America – along with another huge amount of creams and lotions – and found that by the end of the 14 day holiday, this was the one that I kept going back to. Why? Well, first and foremost it’s easy to use because it’s formulated to be a 5 in 1 product – day cream, night cream, eye cream, serum and primer meaning, if I’d read the label properly, I wouldn’t even have had to take all those other creams on holiday with me!

serum swatch

This moisture serum feels like a gel and lotion in one and smoothes on like a velvety textured primer. I found my skin – especially after having quite a bit of sun exposure – would drink this up and be left feeling supple and smooth. Its host of specially formulated ingredients are too many to name in one post but just some of the purposes they serve are to add plumpness to the skin, smooth fine lines, strengthen and neutralise environmental pollutants. It really suits my 47 year old skin and I think it’s a must-have for any over 40 to keep in their cosmetic drawer. Another pricey one at £42 from www.rajeunir.co.uk but I know I’ll be forking out for it once this tube is over!

vitage colour minerals blush pot

Vitage Colour Minerals Natural Lip & Cheek Colour in Love Poppy is one of those useful little double duty products (you can see this post has a theme – I love a product that can solve more than one beauty dilemma!) that my life is all about. It’s quick, easy and makes me look and feel better when I use it. Full stop. The Vitage range of makeup uses only natural minerals with no preservatives or chemicals and the strength of the colour pigment in this little pot is incredible. As you can see from the colour and swatch above, only a tiny little bit is needed to give cheeks a healthy flush. For lips I dab it on with my finger and use a clear gloss over the top and in an instant I look ready to go. The pots cost £16 and you can find them here.

So, I hope you enjoyed this round up of my Fab Five Beauty Greats as much as I’ve enjoyed telling you about them. If you’ve got any beauty must-haves please let me know – there’s always room in my makeup box for more! See you soon. x


B. set of products

UPDATED: June 13th 2016

I wanted to update this post because I’ve noticed by my blog statistics that, even though the original post about Superdrug B Skincare Range, was written a while ago, I’ve had a lot of people reading it lately and asking if I would still recommend this range. The answer is absolutely YES! In fact, I’ve probably re-stocked my skincare shelves with the range a couple of times since this post was first published, so if you’re wondering if this budget brand is right for you, click here as there’s a better than half price offer on some of the range here – you’d be mad not to check it out! 

Image credit:123RF Stock Photo
Image credit: 123RF Stock Photo

Thinking about dieting in the winter never quite feels right with the weather getting colder, the days getting darker and the call of the carbs upon you. In fact, I can almost hear a collective inner cheer from women around the country as they dig out those forgiving big, cosy jumpers. But, instead of focusing on losing weight, why not think about what we should be adding to our diet to benefit our looks and keep us full of vitality whatever the season. Expert Osteopath and Naturopath, Nadia Alibhai, shares her favourite beautifying foods…