Dear 2016,

You’re starting to look a little festive and sparkly – I guess you’re ready to make your fond farewell. So now is the perfect time to have a little chat about how you got on. Thank you for having me around for the last 12 months, it’s been great knowing you, but before you go, there are few things I’d like to discuss in order to ensure that 2017 is even more fabulous than you…


Amanda Julca via Pinterest
Amanda Julca via Pinterest

This summer, to complement the much loved Ibiza boho look, I’ve been favouring laissez faire hair – namely, sunkissed, beachy waves that look relaxed and glam and give the impression that you haven’t tried too try hard. Well, that’s what it might look like, but I can’t tell you how many follicles I have frazzled over the years in the pursuit of just the right shade of Bondi beige streaks! I must admit that although I’ve loved having darker hair for the last few months, I just feel like I’m meant to be a blonde – even if my roots don’t agree. This summer, I went lighter again but by adding scorching sunshine, sea and chlorine to the mix – my newly blonde locks began to look more straw than silk. Thankfully, I’d heard about a new super conditioning treatment that was better at smoothing hair than a Brazilian blow-dry, so I tucked my frizzy mess under my trilby and headed to Town.


Eleven Hair is a couple of minutes walk from Bond Street Station and is very much the typical Mayfair salon with stylish statement lighting, cool music and even cooler hairstylists dressed head to toe in black. I was impressed with the array of beverages on offer from various blends of tea and coffee to white wine, beer and gin and tonic and, seeing it was a Friday afternoon, was tempted to accept a nice cold glass of wine until I breathed out and realised how tight my jeans had become from over indulging on holiday, so I settled for a still water (honest). As I sat down I  noticed a slightly offensive odour underneath the tinge of hairspray that took me back to the days when my hairstyle de jour was Meg Ryan’s crispy permed bob in When Harry Met Sally. I looked around to spot the culprit with the bubble perm but there was nothing but sleek styles atop of this clientele.

Just as I was pondering on the pong, my chair span around and I was face to face with Gleb, a charming and professional young stylist who asked lots of questions about my hair’s past and excitedly told me how pleased he was that Eleven are the first salon to have the brand new Japanese Diamond System in the UK because the results on clients so far have been fantastic. As he tried (in vain) to run his fingers through my hair, it was obvious that I am the ideal candidate for this new treatment. My hair is coloured, over processed and, due to over styling and sun damage, not in its best condition.

After washing my hair with clarifying shampoo to remove any remnants of build up that might prevent the absorption of the Japanese Diamond products, it was rinsed and ready for some TLC. Gleb applied a selection of specially formulated deep conditioning products to my hair section by section. The thick goop that was stroked onto my hair smelt fresh and clean and while I relaxed, Gleb explained that the 8 products in the Japanese Diamond System include repairing and protecting ingredients such as Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rose Oil, Silk, Cranberry and Lavender.

For the next step, Gleb placed a pane of perspex underneath each section of hair and ran a hand held ultrasound device from root to tip. Apparently, the ultrasound technology works with the products’ naturally derived ingredients to rejuvenate and restructure the hair from the inside out and the pane of perspex works to reflect the ultrasound waves, locking the ingredients deep into the hair shaft. Finally, my hair was rinsed and quickly blow-dried. I was staggered at the shine on my hair – it was something I hadn’t seen for years!

Although it’s a bit pricey at £85 – you also get a blow-dry and the effects last up to 2 months. Even after washing my hair a couple of days later I only needed a flick of the hot brush and a touch of serum to keep it looking in fantastic condition. A couple of weeks on, I’m still getting compliments but it does need a little more help to look as good as it did when I left the salon but I will definitely have this treatment again.

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I don’t know about you but I find that the tiniest peek of sun and my skin starts to look a hundred times better. I know I’m lucky to have skin which tans easily – even though I do make sure I slap on the sunscreen daily – but those bugbears like undereye shadows and blemishes in general, just seem to improve when your face has a sunkissed hue. I’m all for keeping it natural and going back to basics with a healthy looking complexion come the summer months – letting skin breathe with lighter coverage and just a few summer staples…