My 90 Day Imedeen Prime Renewal Challenge – AD

Never one to say no to anything that purports healthier, improved skin – especially when it comes with clever-clogs backed science and a name synonymous with high quality plus the kudos of having remained a market leader for over 25 years. So when Imedeen asked me to take on the 90 day challenge with their Prime Renewal beauty supplements, I’m not lying when I say I may have lost my manners as I grabbed my three months’ worth of tablets without a backward glance – or a yes please and thank you!

Happy Bones with Neo-G Daily Defence #AD

Just after my 50th birthday when I wondered what on earth was going on with me – my body seemed to be falling apart quicker than a Primark bikini and my brain forecast was foggy with more than a sprinkling of high level anxiety and forgetfulness – I decided to look at a menopause symptom checker. It didn’t make for particularly jolly reading, but it did set my mind at rest that what I was feeling was perfectly normal for a woman at my ‘time of life.’

As I went down ticking off almost every one of the symptoms on the menopause symptoms list, I vowed to take myself in hand and deal with the most debilitating of them. Hitting the HRT was the first step and within a couple of months the fog cleared, the energy soared and I began to feel a lot more like Lisa pre 45 years old – and it was great. With HRT I felt like I’d dealt with the major menopause symptoms that were bothering me in one fell swoop, but there were still the niggling aches and pains that hindered my workout attempts, making my walk-runs and zumba classes a little less joyful than they had been a few years back. So, I was delighted when I was contacted by one of the UK’s leading health and wellbeing brands, Neo-G, who asked whether I’d be interested in trialling their newly launched liquid vitamin supplement, Daily Defence. ‘Yes, yes I am’, I replied…

Neo_G_JointI went for the Daily Defence Joint Health with Extra Calcium which is specifically designed for 50 plus and was the ideal choice for me, but before embarking on my three month trial, I wanted to find out a bit more about the company. I was impressed with the calibre of their products – Neo-G designs and develops medical grade orthopaedic and sports supports which are supplied to medical professionals, therapists and various sport markets across the world, so their move into liquid nutrition to support healthy bodies and bones makes perfect sense. I was sold!Neo_G_DrinkSo, how did it taste? Not gonna lie (as the young ‘uns say) it took some getting used to. A daily 20ml serving was recommended and on first swig it was just about palatable – it tasted a bit like thick toffee with a lemony/metal after taste. However, bear with me…once I took in the suggestion of drinking it ice-cold and diluted with fruit in a smoothie kind of way, things were a lot better – enjoyable even! I would spoon my serving into a glass with crushed ice and mixed berries and it was lovely and refreshing. Not only was I getting in a couple of my 5 a day, I was also boosting my joint and bone health with a whole heap of vitamin and mineral goodness. Neo_G_Daily_Defence

Obviously,  joint problems aren’t just an issue for some of us menopausal women, there are a host of common aches and pains suffered by many of us everyday – stiff neck, painful knees and hips, tennis elbow and shoulder pain are just a few.  Even if you’re one of the lucky ones that doesn’t do the ‘neanderthal crouch to present day upright man’ when hobbling to the bathroom in the mornings, it would be sensible to start thinking about maintaining and strengthening your joint health before problems develop – and that’s the aim of  Neo G’s Daily Defence Joint Health – to keep bones and joints supple and strong to help prevent deterioration. 
 Developed by nutritional experts, Daily Defence Joint Health contains a powerful combination of three active ingredients which are scientifically proven to help maintain healthy joints from the inside out:
Copper — Copper has a host of properties which help maintain everyday joint health. It helps maintain the connective tissues in the body, which includes bone and cartilage and is a natural anti inflammatory.
Calcium  — Calcium is well known to support the growth of healthy teeth and bones, but also supports muscle function so it’s  highly beneficial for maintaining healthy joints. As bones can weaken with many joint conditions, calcium is essential to support the growth and repair of healthy bones before problems arise.
Vitamin D — Vitamin D supports growth of healthy teeth and bones, as well as maintaining normal blood levels and muscle function. The NHS Choices website reports that 1 in 5 of us has low Vitamin D levels, so it’s important to keep it topped up.
Along with the 3 main ingredients, Daily Defence Expert Liquid Nutrition also includes those popular joint helpers, 

Glucosamine Sulphate, Chondroitin Sulphate and Hyaluronic Acid.

So, how has it worked for me? Well, 2 months in and I’m getting less aches and pains than normal – this could be a combination of the supplement and the HRT plus the fact that I’m doing daily stretching exercises that I think are so important – especially when, like me, you’re as flexible as a plank of wood! But I am definitely going to carry on taking my special ‘joint and bone cocktail’ every morning as I’ve always believed in the power of a good nutritional supplement to complement a healthy diet and I feel that Neo G is a particularly well developed addition to my daily health and wellbeing. Plus if it can keep me on the dance floor for the next 50 years – which is what I’m intending – then that’s a definite bonus!


You can find Neo G Daily Defence Joint Health  at Boots HERE and it’s £18.49 for 24 servings. Find out more about Neo-G and their health and wellbeing products, HERE.

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Let’s Feel Fantastic in 2017


Ok, I’ve nearly eaten all of the Christmas leftovers and I’ve packed away the baubles and tinsel, so I guess it’s time to start looking at the New Year with a Feel Fantastic rather than Feel Flabtastic attitude. Having learnt from experience, I’m not one to go hell for leather with the resolutions as I think going extreme just sets you up to fail. And we’ve all written that list, haven’t we? You know the one…

  • Lose 2 stone
  • Change out of dog walking clothes into stylish clothes every day (and by smart I don’t mean ironed pyjamas)
  • Run 10 miles 3 times a week
  • Eat kale not cake
  • Brush hair every day
  • Only drink wine at weekends

I mean, how on earth is any of that ever realistically going to happen in my life? Instead, I am going to focus on attainable goals in 2017 that may not give me that Instagram worthy body I will always secretly covet, but it will give me a healthier, happier outlook on life and that’s what’s important.

Spice Up Your Life with Lumity Life!


As I gazed in awe at a photo of Yasmin Le Bon in a recent newspaper article, two questions went through my head: 1. What must it feel like to be able to walk down the street and have people swoon at your supermodel beauty – when you’re over 50?! and 2. Where can I get my hands on those Lumity Life supplements she’s harking on about for giving her back her vitality and bloom since hitting the menopause? Unfortunately, I will never know the answer to question number 1. But – hoorah! – question number 2 was sorted…I found out where to get that Lumity Life stuff!


Pull up a chair…I’ve got exciting findings to divulge ☺


I’m normally pretty rubbish at remembering to take any supplements but these little capsules came in such pretty packing (oh, I know! I’m such a soft touch) that I was quite happy to leave them out by the kitchen sink so that I remember to take them…well, I’m forever filling up the kettle for my copious amount of coffee green tea. But who needs green tea when you have antioxidant boosting ingredients like this?..


Lumity creator, research scientist and Cambridge University graduate, Sara Palmer Hussey, PhD, is the woman behind these little capsules of hope. She says:

“My aim was to create a product that offers real, tangible benefits. I thought if we could offer women something that noticeably improves the way they feel on a daily basis and gives them an effortlessly healthy, glowing appearance, they would have the energy and freedom to focus more on the things they love.”

And how was I feeling? Well, I’ve known for some time that my dizzy spells, raging PMT, forgetfulness, middle-age spread, lethargy (I could go on and on) must have something to do with my age. I’ve felt that my hormones have been wreaking havoc and making physical and emotional changes that I don’t like very much, so I was definitely more than ready to give these a go.

Obviously, Lumity is not designed specifically for women who are experiencing menopausal symptoms, they’re ideal for all of us busy women, but the specially blended cocktail of nature’s goodies, are certainly designed to address them.

I took the capsules religiously every day, twice a day for a month before I started feeling that something was happening. The first thing I noticed was lack of crabiness around my period! The time of the month came and went with hardly a flicker of the highly charged emotions I’d began to experience over the last year or so. I was impressed and put it down to ‘beginners luck’ but again, the second month and the third and onto my fourth – a much calmer, more balanced and even tempered me has re-emerged. And I like it. And my poor suffering family LOVE it! 😉

My sleep has improved, in that I fall asleep quicker and if I wake up in the early hours, I can thankfully go straight back to a deep slumber without annoying Stressed Husband by huffing and puffing until the alarm goes off! But although I’m sleeping better, I am sadly no more inclined to jump out of bed with renewed energy – the snooze button is still getting more action than it should do. Well, Lumity gets some great feedback but it has never claimed to dish out miracles!

The biggest change in my appearance is my hair. In fact, on my the last visit to the salon, my hairdresser asked me what I had been doing to it as it had got so much thicker! I’d thought so myself but when she mentioned it without me even telling her that I’d been taking Lumity, I knew it wasn’t just a figment of my imagination. Before taking Lumity, I had been a bit downhearted about my hair getting thinner and had put it down to ageing and a fact of life, but it has really improved and so I’m delighted.

Overall, I am impressed. There’s no doubt I’ve seen and felt some positive changes that can’t possibly be just a placebo effect and I’m quite happy to fork out for a monthly supply of these as, when you think about it, at £79 a month (which is the automatically replenish price) it’s not much more than I spend on buying a large coffee each day. And it’s a small price to pay for getting rid of that monthly monster that had tendencies to terrorise the family!

Apart from loving the supplement, I’m regularly checking out Lumity’s website – it’s full of interesting features and science backed ways to make you look and feel fantastic. You can find out more about Lumity here.


I’ve got a couple of friends who are excitedly on their first month of taking Lumity, I hope it works as well for them. Let me know if you decided to try it and how you get on.


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Here’s the Skinny on Skinade


Have you heard about Skinade? If you’re in the health and beauty industry, or you’re interested in reading about nutrition and all things body beautiful, you’ve probably seen or heard the buzz about this ‘liquid beauty drink’. When I received a parcel of the ubiquitous white plastic bottles with their stylish and simple black font – enough for a 30 day trial – I was intrigued and couldn’t wait to find out what the fuss was about…

My first thought was that it was probably a bit of a fad – but the brand definitely had an amazing sales team because I began to see Instagram images and blogs about these little white bottles of the ‘elixir of youth’ everywhere! I mean, how can one drink a day improve the skin – could it really improve my skin any more than my usual routine of slapping on an SPF, moisturising and regular facials?

But then I started thinking about it and, actually, nutrition plays a huge part in how our skin looks and ages, and we all know somebody who swears supplements are helping them with their skin, nails, hair or creaky joints, so why shouldn’t a drink help?

Credit: Skinade Instagram
Credit: Skinade Instagram

As I twisted the lid off my first bottle and took a long glug, I closed my eyes and prayed that 1, it worked and 2, that I would have the stomach to down one of these nasty tasting drinks every day. I really wasn’t taken with the taste from the start, no matter how many eye-catching images I saw on Instagram of pretty girls sipping their Skinade on the beach, dressing it up in a tall glass with lots of ice and a cocktail umbrella. Nope. The only thing that made it a little more palatable for me was to make sure it was icy cold and to hold my nose while drinking it as quickly as I could! 

So did I persevere with it? I certainly did! It took about 10 days before I started seeing a difference in my skin and there was definitely a big improvement in  hydration and plumpness. When a friend commented that she’d dismissed buying it because of the £90 price tag but, after seeing the effects on my skin, was having second thoughts, I had to fess up. Yes, I think the drink was somewhat responsible for my glowiness of late, but I’d also had a couple of really good facials during my Skinade trial – so I’m sure they also had a positive impact.

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 15.12.04

So, what’s in Skinade? The bumf describes it as:  a peach and mangosteen anti ageing collagen drink containing a patent pending formulation of active ingredients that boosts your body’s natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. Hmmm maybe it’s the mangosteen that I found hard to stomach? But I do know that collagen and hyaluronic acid are skin goodies, so that makes sense. By drinking it, rather than using it topically, Skinade says its formulation of low molecular weight collagen and essential micro-nutrients ensures rapid absorption and nourishes skin from the inside. 

My verdict: £90 is a lot to pay if you already fork out for high quality skincare and, I admit, I haven’t put my hand in my pocket to buy it since I’ve run out of my press samples. However, my skin’s hydration definitely improved – possibly helped with the combination of facials too and once my bank account is safely back in the black, another supply of Skinade is top on my list of beauty buys.

Have you tried Skinade yet?