Seeing as I’m giving my blog a bit of a shake up over the next few months, one of the categories I want to resurrect is  What’s Not To Love Wednesday, where I’ll be focussing on something that makes me trill with delight (trill? Well…you know what I mean.) And, unlike the rest of my blog, it may not have anything to do with beauty and wellbeing specifically – thought whatever it is, will always bring a frisson of joy into your life – a bit of glowology

So, I thought today I would let you into something that I’ve always loved but I guess I’ve never really shouted about. Lately, for some reason – perhaps it’s the festive season – the pull towards them is getting stronger. It’s ANGELS & CHERUBS! I do enjoy a little squishy cherub or an elegant angel decoration or pattern 🙂

Going against the tide of unicorns, flamingos and mermaids – though they will always hold a place in my fluffy little heart no matter how old I am – I just feel that you can’t beat the innocence of a chubby faced cherub or the ethereal style of a strategically placed angel wing. And here a few of my favourite celestial finds…

Angel Wing Wall Art
Sweetpea & Willow

We’ve recently decorated our bedroom with mid grey walls and white, grey and blush pink bedding and accessories, so I have these gorgeous grey gilt metal angel wings on order to place on the wall above the bed. I’m hoping they’ll add a little touch of heavenly peace in a household that doesn’t seem to know the meaning of whisper or close the doors gently! There are a few places that sell these, but at £165 from Sweetpea and Willow, they seem to be the best value. I’ve linked to the store for more info in the caption above.

The Shabby Gift Shop

Next on my love-it list is this 40cm funky shabby chic style angel wing wall decoration with LED lights. Wings and sparkle, really – what is NOT to love! 

You may notice that the silver cherubs in the main picture are broken 🙁 But they still sit upon my living room shelf because I can’t bear to throw them away! I will be replacing them soon and they also come in antique gold or white from a lovely local interiors shop in Chiswick High Road called Decorexi which I could spend all day in. They cost around £25.

Michelle Lake Art

As my search for the must-have angel wings took flight (Ha! See what I did there?) I came across Michelle Lake Art on Etsy. Michelle is an artist from Canada and she does the most wonderful paintings and art which include a LOT of angel wings. Unfortunately, it seems she only ships to America and not to the UK, so I may have to wait until I make a visit state side to get me this painting! View more of Michelle’s beautiful work here

You may know that I’m also partial to a little motivational quote now and then, so this one really got me…

I couldn’t leave this post without mentioning the best of them all. My very own cherub – Lily Angel! Ok, ok, calling her a cherub is pushing it but she’s my little angel nevertheless 😉

What are your home decor obsessions? I’d love to know.



    • Glowology Reply

      It’s lovely isn’t it Laurie! I do love me a little angel and cherub! xx

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