heart in the sand

Although Glowology brings you the latest and greatest news and tips on how to look and feel good in the skin that you’re in, I’m also a big believer in shouting out about those little – or big – things in life that help brighten our day and put a skip in our step. And what better day to bring these nuggets of joy than on a Wednesday! It’s mid week limbo day – even researchers have found it’s Wednesdays rather than Monday’s that leave as feeling a little blah…

So, for Glowology, Wednesdays will be all about the feel good factor; whether it’s fabulous fashion finds, a delicious new recipe (cake!), an inspiring person or brilliant business – anything that adds a little sparkle to your day…bring it on!

Here’s a little example of What’s Not to Love Wednesday

Feel Good Lights
Via Pinterest

If there’s anything that makes your Wednesday feel better just for having it in your life – or you know it would do if you had it in your life – do let me know . Let’s share the joy!

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