2016 – Let’s Talk!


Dear 2016,

You’re starting to look a little festive and sparkly – I guess you’re ready to make your fond farewell. So now is the perfect time to have a little chat about how you got on. Thank you for having me around for the last 12 months, it’s been great knowing you, but before you go, there are few things I’d like to discuss in order to ensure that 2017 is even more fabulous than you…


January and February were, as ever, a little dark, dull and boring. You tried your best to entice me – leaving magazines lying around full of hygge themed pictures of ambient homes adorned with twinkling fairy lights and candles, cosy fires, cashmere socks and throws. I particularly like how you tried to convince me to give them a chance by suggesting crisp, cold dog walks where I could wrap up glamorously in faux fur, then come home to cook hearty, meaty stews that the family would polish off with gusto and then join me on the sofa for a family favourite box set on Netflix. 

Well. It didn’t work. I like the look and sound of hygge. I really do. But in reality, it’s more frizzy hair, frozen toes and overloading on carbs and chocolate just to try and cheer myself out of the dark day blues. But of course, that initial sugar high soon dissipates, leaving me feeling guilty and more blah than ever!

So, a word of warning for those fast approaching ‘nothing’ months in 2017, I have armed myself with my mood boosting Lumity supplements which, as you can read about here seems to be helping me keep my pecker up!

March came along to brighten up my world. It took a while to get going but as soon as I saw a peek of brightness, my mood lifted immeasurably. Stressed Husband came out from behind the sofa as the  strange grunting and scowling she-devil made way for the smiley, chirpy woman he remembered marrying! And I’m pleased to say that all that scowling made no in-roads upon my crows feet because I was lucky enough to have tested the fabulous, award winning micro-channelling skincare patches by Radara, which I reviewed on my blog post Is It Time For Botox? And a year on, I still haven’t succumbed to the Botox needle!


But, 2016, you did very well with April and May. I was impressed! It just got sunnier and sunnier which was reflected in my mood. Even when The Teen was ‘meant to be studying’ for her GCSEs and the stress factor in the household reached a head-banging 10, I managed to keep smiling by relying on these stress busting tips to keep that Pollyanna positivity brimming over.

With spring came some of my favourite things…fluffy ducklings at the park, an abundunce of daffs and tulips, longer, lighter days and…ice-cold rose wine and Aperol Spritz!


And then it was summer. And at this, 2016, you excelled as the almost constant sunny weather meant comfy flip flops became my footwear of choice (YES!), my hair became blonde and beachy (not frizzy) and my skin began to turn a delicate bronze (obviously helped along by a selection of faux glows!)



Always one to want to know how other women of 40 plus keep looking and feeling fab, I had a great time finding out the style tips and secrets of gorgeous women in my Women Like Us series. I chuckled here with the lovely Anthea Turner when she told me how, although she worked out and took care of her body and complexion, she still liked a ‘couple of glasses of lady petrol’ every now and then. And here I had a blast interviewing one of my favourite BFFs, style maven of Bare With Accessories, the lovely Liz Abbott. Yep, 2016, it was looking good…but then…

I turned 49 in August and began to ponder here on what getting older means to us as women. I loved Sharon Stone’s take on it, when she said:

“You either deal with it and go with the flow or you live the rest of your life a miserable wreck because honey, there ain’t no going back!”  Say it Sister!


And before I knew it, 2016, you flashed by in the blink of an eye. But not before I managed to get one of the first ever glimpses of the latest non-surgical fat busting treatment to hit the UK! I wrote here about how my flubber was encased in a plastic ‘cage’ and zapped by lasers. And I’m pleased to say, I’m seeing results with a flatter, more toned abdomen…just in time to fill it up for Christmas! 

So, thank you 2016 for keeping my fabulous family and friends healthy and safe, for giving me the chance to explore new places and meet new people. It’s been an interesting journey and we’ve had our share of ups and downs. But all in all, you’ve taught me some great lessons and left me with memories I’ll never forget.

Just one last thing before you leave me and bring in your even more special and exciting friend, 2017…can you have a word and tell it not to get all hygge with me? You didn’t win me over with it and I’m telling you now, 2017 isn’t going to have a chance either. So, before January and February drag their ugly, cold butts into view, all that’s left to say is…

Merry Christmas and Goodbye 2016. Happy New Year You Lovely Lot!





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