4 Fabulous Energy Boosters


It could be my age, it could be the weather, it could be mind over matter but lately, lack of energy has been a problem for me and I have been feeling a little below par. Talking to other busy friends, I realise I am definitely not alone and so I am setting out to find a way to help raise those energy levels. I want to get back that ‘let’s do it!’ feeling that seems to have been replaced by its lucklustre sidekick ‘let’s pull the duvet back over my head and sleep some more’ feeling. Starting with these little helpers…

Wellwoman Boost


A very timely selection of supplements were kindly delivered to me from Vitabiotics and I am happy to report that Wellwoman Boost has become a daily essential. Instead of grabbing a coffee first thing, I have taken to dissolving one of these little power packed tablets into a glass of cold water. As well as its refreshing orange and peach flavour, it contains much needed vitamins C, B6, B12 and minerals zinc and iron which contribute to normal function of the immune system and for added oomph there’s also natural pick-me-up, Guarana. I haven’t been using it for long, so can’t report a great change as yet, but at least it is helping me cut down on the coffee and helps me start my day off super hydrated.



Whatever the weather, nothing makes me feel more energised than a bit of outdoor activity…and I don’t mean quaffing wine at a barbecue or picnic – though that sounds lovely 🙂 I actually mean a bit of physical exercise such as jogging like I mention here or brisk walking with the dog. Even in the rain, I just like to get outside and get the legs working, heart pumping and watch the world go round. The Live Well – NHS website says that even 15 minutes of exercise is enough to perk you up when you’re feeling tired and the benefits increase the more active you are. That said, if you’re feeling generally unwell or tired all the time, it is worth visiting your G.P first to check out any possible underlying medical reasons for your lack of energy.


Remember the days when you could party all night, drink like a fish and still get up for work at the crack of dawn? I was that night owl who would go from nightclub to office and – after a quick change and freshen up in the loos – would spend the rest of the day working at full pelt without a give away yawn or blood shot eye in sight! Nowadays, I only need a glass or two of wine at night and, although I’ll find it easy to go off to sleep, I will sleep less heavily and wake up feeling rough as a badger’s bum. So, unless it’s a special occasion, I’ve taken to cutting back on the alcohol and sipping herb teas at night time instead like calming camomile, peppermint or honey and lemon. Dr Stuart’s Valerian Plus, £2.19, from Holland and Barrett has been recommended for its natural sedative properties, so I shall be trying this soon and will let you know how I get on. 


How often have you come out of a feel-good happy film or a night out with good friends and thought what a tonic it is just to have a proper laugh? As they say, it’s the best medicine – and that’s so true! So, give yourself 5 minutes off and head to YouTube and check out silly videos or phone a funny friend and I can guarantee you’ll come away feeling much more full of energy and happier to boot. Just to start you off on your journey of giggles…here’s my daughters’ favourite YouTube star – the amazing Miranda Sings!

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