5 Fast Ways to Feel Good NOW

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I planned this post for a Monday, as we all know that Monday is the day we are most likely to feel a bit under the weather. In my case, with the house refurb from hell, living away from the family home with the kids while Stressed Husband is still there and trying to lead a ‘normal’ life, keeping the house, kids, husband – and dog! – happy, I sometimes feel I let myself and my feelings take a backseat. Bet you do too sometimes? Here are a few tricks I use when I need to lift my mood and feel a bit more ‘together’…

1. Plan a Feel Good Date: Whether it’s a romantic dinner with your husband/partner, a film with friends or a visit to that exhibition you’ve been meaning to go to, by yourself. Think about what makes you happy and make a plan to do more of it. Just having things you enjoy scheduled in the diary will give you something to look forward to and will make you feel better instantly. 

2. Take Some Exercise: I know I’ve said it before, but it really costs nothing and makes a hell of a difference to your mood and health! I’ve been unable to walk my lovely dog, Troy, since he injured his leg before Christmas, and the effects on my wellbeing are considerable. Come rain or shine, I’d walk Troy every day for around an hour and I could guarantee that I could go out the door feeling like I was living under a grey cloud and I’d return like Disney princess – sweetness and light and smiles for everyone. No wonder Stressed Husband would hand me the dog lead during arguments! 🙂 So, I’ve realised because I am not going to be able to walk Troy for another few weeks yet, I need to walk by myself! You don’t need a dog, just a pair of wellies or comfy shoes and a warm coat…Walk briskly and try to get your heart rate up and I can promise you, you’ll clear your mind, exercise your body and feel fabulous afterwards.

3. Take a Break from Gadgets and Social Media: I moan at my kids – especially Little Teen – about their overuse of their mobiles, but since I’ve been blogging and working more, I notice that I’m often the one doing the ‘zombie walk’ transfixed to the screen while doddering along banging into people. Worse still, I’m guilty of checking my Twitter, Facebook etc while I’m meant to be listening to other people! OD’ing on social media can be stressful and time wasting as well as downright rude at times! So, I’m going to try and put a limit on it as I realise it can easily get out of hand and I think I’ll feel so much better if I don’t feel so dependent on it. Is it time you took control of your social media checking? There’s a real life out there – let’s not put it in second place!

4. Eat Well: I’m the first to dig into the cakes or biscuits for a little treat, but that’s what they should be: A treat. I do know that if I start the day with a healthy breakfast of porridge and berries and a green tea, I do feel better. Research has shown that if you start the day eating healthily, you’re more likely to carry on. I know how awful I feel if I’ve spent the day pigging out on high fat foods – I feel sluggish and guilty. Rather than thinking about eating well to lose weight, think about doing it for the health benefits and you’ll feel better for it. If you’re looking to lose a few pounds – well could follow! Watch this space and see whether it works for me 🙂

5. Have a Laugh: Life can be tough, it can be sad and it can be unfair. Suck it up! Revel in feeling like crap for a while – nobody will think any worse of you for it and it makes you real. You’re not a robot and we all have feelings. But…and it’s a big BUT – don’t let negative feelings or bad times saturate the good things in your life. Always know you have friends and family out there (or your dog?) that love you and enjoy spending time with you for who you are. Be yourself, be real and try to see the bright side of life; it’s there even if you sometimes have to dig deep to find it! 

What tips have you got for picking yourself up when you’re feeling low? Do share them!

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