5 Ways to Feel Great – NOW!



Ever caught a glimpse in the mirror or a shop window while whizzing on your way to work or from the school run and thought ‘what’s that old lady/scruff pot/out of shape mama doing wearing my coat?’ Once the realisation hits that the unflattering reflection actually belongs to you, you’ve got two choices: Give up and wallow in self pity thinking your beautiful best days are over, or…pull yourself together and get back that feel good vibe. Here are five ways to kick start you on your way from woeful to wonderful…

1. Give yourself a 5 minute break and write a list of positive things about your looks and your personality. Are you kind? Do you have great friends? What about your smile – is it a blinder? Once you’ve started focusing on your plus points you’ll start letting go of the negatives.

2. What is the thing about yourself that gets you down the most? Make a plan to improve it now. Whether it’s sorting out your hairstyle, losing weight or getting fit – start with small steps towards your goal and you’ll be feeling happier in no time.

3. Take time out to re-do or put on some makeup. Think of it as your ‘warpaint’ waging a war against feeling dowdy – your makeup mask of marvellousness will pull you out of the doldrums in a flash!

4. Focus on what you have got, not on what you haven’t. Comparing yourself to others who you feel have more than you or look better is a sure way to bring you down. Remember the wise words of Theodore Roosevelt: “Comparison is the thief of joy.”  Look around at your family, friends, job or home and be grateful.


5. A quick burst of mood boosting endorphins will have you buzzing in no time. If I’m feeling tired and a bit miserable, I either turn up the radio and shimmy around the kitchen (I’ve been known to feature on various snap-chats of my teens to their friends – so be careful if you want to keep your moves a secret!). OR another fun way to while away a few minutes is to find a workout video on YouTube that suits you. I love the 8 Minute Abs (below) or 8 Minute Legs or Butt. Imagine you’re one of the hot gym bunnies in the video and let the whole outside, perky US vibe bring an added ray of sunshine to your day!

What’s your quick fire way to boosting your mood and looks?

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