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That ‘just stepped out of a salon’ feeling is just the best isn’t it? I popped into my regular, fantastic little salon – The Chiswick Salon – the other day for a cut and highlights that were well overdue – as you can see in the first picture below. I went in feeling a bit under the weather as I’d not been sleeping too well – and came out feeling fresher and fabulous with a definite skip in my step.

I think a new hair style, super fresh mani or the after glow from a facial is the perfect tonic and that’s why I’m always banging on about scheduling time in your busy life to do those little pampering things that make you look and feel your best…it’s definitely worth it!

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While I was in the salon, I caught up on my magazine reading, got some ideas for future blog posts, updated my Instagram account, topped up my caffeine intake  and had a chat with lovely hair stylist, Fran, about what us women should be doing to our hair to keep the years at bay. Here are Fran’s tips and I’ve added mine too. So if you’re thinking of a new look any day soon – take note!

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Colour is King (or Queen) – If you colour your hair too blonde or too dark, it will wash out your complexion and make you look tired – and older. Subtle lowlights or highlights can make a real difference, so ask your stylist for advice. I like to change my colour each season as my skin tone changes so much over the months so I need my hair shade to complement these changes.

Any length will do. As I said in a recent blog post (click here to read) I think women today can get away with wearing their hair any length at any age. And from the comments I received, you, my lovely readers, agree! It’s important to have the length that you feel comfortable with. And Fran agreed too. She said there’s definitely no reason to cut your locks once you get to your 40s but she did stress that you need to keep hair trimmed and in good condition. Long hair that’s riddled with split ends won’t do you any favours even if you’re a  youngster.

Layer up. One length hair can drag down the features and if your jowls are going south, poker straight hair with no volume or lift will only exaggerate this! So, pep up straight or one length hair with a few layers around the face to perk up your features.

Easy on the lift. Although the above point champions layers, be careful – big isn’t always best and in the case of hair volume, Fran recommends erring on the side of caution if you’re over 40 or else you could wind up looking too ‘done’ which looks old fashioned. Use a round brush to give a natural boost to the crown then let it soften and ‘deflate’ a little before using hairspray.

The Next Big Thing. Ombre and Balyage are now kissing the dust of the newest hair trend this summer and top stylists believe the way to go is Bronde – not quite brown but not quite blonde! Like a lot of celebrities, I love this colour and think it could be the ideal shade update for many of us. Read more about Bronde and other brilliant hair features at my new favourite  Layered

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