Aurora Spa Chiswick – My New Happy Face Place

I love where I live almost as much as I love finding new people, places and things that help to make women like me feel and look our best.  So, as I was flicking through a copy of a local magazine, I read about Aurora Spa in Chiswick and thought – A-ha! How have you escaped my beady eyes, my lovely? Me, being me, I decided I had to find out more…


The first thing that grabbed my attention was that Aurora was different to the usual high street zen like beauty salons.  Apart from its stylish branding – a peppy and fresh, yellow and white colour scheme and spring-like decor – a quick check of its website told me that it stocked some skincare I’d never even heard of or seen anywhere else! What? How did I miss Yellow Rose Cosmetics? The range looked really interesting – as did their treatments. If I’ve taught you one thing, it’s that you can’t beat a bit of pampering for a feel-good mood-boost, so I contacted Aurora Spa’s friendly manager, Catherine and she invited me in to look around. If you don’t ask, you don’t get people!

While I was chatting with Catherine – and drooling at the incredible line up of products – along with the usual cleansers and moisturisers, there were serums, masks, scrubs and CC Creams to suit e-v-e-r-y skin type and e-v-e-r-y skin concern all I could think of was – who are Yellow Rose Cosmetics and why haven’t I heard of them?


Well, first and foremost, I have found out that Yellow Rose Cosmetics is a flourishing family run business which originates from Greece. Since 1965, the Pachopos family and their team have been producing high quality skincare products and expert treatments formulated with stringently selected natural raw materials combined with the latest developments in cosmetic science. Their strong brand principles have kept the products mainly in the professional arena with a cherry-picked selection of spas and salons across more than 30 countries and just a small number of selected retail stockists. In the UK, Gravesend in Kent and Chiswick, London are now the latest to have access to have the innovative Yellow Rose complete range of face and body skincare. 


Lovely Lila, the Aurora Spa therapist went through the extensive range of facials available and because I was feeling a bit deflated of face, she suggested their Collagen Facial might sort me out. Lying in the warm treatment room, I thought I might drift off – a night of interrupted sleep due to teen demands for an Uber to get her safely back from a party in the early hours, will do that to you. Lila set to work on my tired skin, deep cleansing and exfoliating with a Hyaluronic Face Scrub which contained dried bamboo, lotus flowers and a special proteolytic enzyme. It didn’t feel scratchy at all and was gently removed along with impurities from the top layer of skin, allowing the fresh new skin to receive the active ingredients from the subsequent products.

Next, a wonderfully soothing triple layer of Collagen rich products including a powerful bio-active Collagen emulsion were smoothed over the skin and Lila paid special attention to those areas which could do with a bit of ‘filling in’ such as wrinkles around eyes, forehead and ‘expression lines’ around the mouth (from too much nagging, says Stressed Husband!). Among the intensive ingredients within this skincare selection, were natural soluble Collagen and Chondtroitin fillers for hydrating and plumping, wrinkle softening Edwelweiss stem cells, antioxidant and moisturising flower Nectar and firming Oligopeptides which are said to stimulate the natural synthesis of the skin’s ‘scaffolding,’ elastin and collagen, and help to impart a natural ‘Botox-like’ effect. During this part of the treatment, Lila used a handheld Radio-frequency device which enhances the absorption of the products by promoting the skin’s collagen and helping to tighten and lift those saggy bits. Radio-frequency facials are a favourite of Jennifer Aniston’s – so anything that’s good enough for our Jen is good enough for me! 

I enjoyed the relaxing aroma of these products and Lila’s head massage so much that I was soon off to snooze-ville! But not before my favourite part of the treatment – The Collagen Peel Off Mask for encouraging cell renewal and rejuvenation. After being left alone to sleep rest for 20 minutes to allow the mask to do its best, it felt so satisfying as Lila expertly loosened the thick mask and peeled it off my skin in one fell swoop. It didn’t hurt at all but I secretly hoped it had also whipped off those downy hairs that seem to sprout during menopause. Any remnants of mask were removed with Hyaluronic Toning Lotion and a last thin layer of Collagen Elixir and Cream were applied. Ahhh. I felt well and truly pampered and my skin was the most glowy I had seen it for ages!

Sorry if the above picture of me immediately after the Collagen Facial Treatment scares you – but the things I do for my blog eh?! I saw a definite improvement in forehead lines and a springy, firm plumpness to the complexion as well. I’m so delighted to have discovered Aurora Spa and the Yellow Rose Cosmetic range – I’ll be back for sure!

UPDATE: Since writing this blog – I have been back twice (of course I have!) so will fill you in on the latest treatment I had soon – it’s really interesting! 

GET GLOWING OFFER FOR YOU: Catherine from The Aurora Spa has kindly offered Glowology readers 20% off their first facial in April, so make the most of this and get your skin in shape for spring! There is a huge array of facials to suit every skin type and to help with any problems. How about trying a fabulous beauty flash like Collagen Boosting Express Treatment which only takes 30 minutes to a full on luxurious 60 minute Caviar & Marine DNA Treatment. Have a look at the selection here. And remember to let them know that Lisa from Glowology has sent you!

* Thank you to Aurora Spa for my complimentary treatment. 






  1. Tracey
    March 14, 2019 / 1:34 pm

    This sounds amazing. What a find! I love something a bit different too. Some of the poorest value for money beauty treatments I’ve had have been with major brand names. The natural ingredients are a tick for me, and I’m always impressed when therapists have the experience to know whuch treatment your skin needs – never a given! That after pic Lisa!! Your skin looks incredibly smooth, bouncy and healthy. Looking forward to reading about your follow-up treatments xx

    • Glowology
      March 18, 2019 / 12:02 pm

      Hi Tracey – thank you for your comment and kind compliment about my skin! It was v. bouncy actually 🙂 I agree – was v impressed with Yellow Rose, so can’t wait to share my next treatment. Watch this space…! Lisa xx

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