Ayurvedic Face Lift and Healing Treatment – Review

Natural Face Lift

This lovely man pictured with me here, is super-facialist Gerald Mousset, who invited me for Ayurvedic Facelift Massage and Healing. You know how the promise of a natural ‘facelift’ has me jumping up and down with excitement – I’ve posted about my various ‘hoik ‘em up’ beauty experiences before – but throw in a little healing (even though I had no clue what this really meant) then I was double-duty dancing around! So, what happened when I gave it a go?

As soon as I met Gerald in the sparkly flesh and he talked about his lifelong love of the anatomy of the female face I knew we would get along. He spoke so tenderly about his spiritual journey with a magical sounding Indian woman who, apart from being his kindred soulmate, became his Ayurvedic facelift guru and I just knew he was the man for my face. But what would he be healing – and how?

I lay on the treatment couch and expected Gerald to start our treatment by working on my facial muscles, but instead he shook my feet. Say what?! He then walked around the couch and, although I heard his gentle footsteps start and stop as he went, his hands didn’t physically touch me. Instead I felt certain parts of my body deeply relaxing, getting warmer, sometimes slightly shaking – but all the time, I felt calm and as if I was on some fabulous journey getting closer to my soul! Sounds interesting? Well, let me continue…

As I listened to the chill out music with my eyes closed and saw lots of colours floating through my mind, I had the weirdest – but loveliest – experience: The top of my head started to heat up – gently at first, until suddenly it became really hot. It was strangely comforting, and at first I thought ‘uh oh, is this the beginning of a mega hot flush?’ The heat felt soothing yet powerful at the same time, so I thought maybe Gerald had put warm gloves on to hold my head? But I found out later that Gerald wasn’t even touching my head! He was over the other side of the room with his hands out doing, what I now know, is his healing energy work!

The facelift section began next and rather than it being a rather firm kind of ‘pull and tug’ facial massage – the kind I’d experienced before – his touch was very gentle – almost feather light. As Gerald began tapping certain lines and points on my face and pressing his fingertips for longer over particular areas and smoothing rose water and oils in soft sweeping motions across my skin, I felt my face begin to gently vibrate – as if it was humming. It wasn’t alarming, rather it was invigorating – as if the skin cells deep down were ramping up their energy and moving around, doing a special facelifting dance. I hoped so!

Near the end of the treatment, Gerald stood behind me and reached his hands under my back, resting them at my shoulder blades – where my wings would be if I was an angel – and at this moment my heart made itself known, pounding strongly and slowly. I could feel it quite powerfully within my chest. This only lasted for about 5 to 10 seconds before returning to its normal beat and then Gerald removed his hands and quietly said, ‘and there you are Lisa.’ I couldn’t even open my eyes. Once the ritual was over – and I would call this a ritual rather than a treatment because it focussed on the whole mind, body and soul and not just the face – it took me a while to process everything and for my brain to come back to the room!

As we chatted away like old friends afterwards and I explained about all the unusual happenings and feelings I’d had during the ritual, Gerald explained how everybody has different experiences with the healing and energy work. Some people cry uncontrollably and others twitch and shake as energy is released and the body/soul responds. My face was still warm, glowing and, I think it was definitely firmer looking. Gerald said I had good face muscles which were ‘really strong – as if they’d been doing a Jane Fonda workout!’

Overall, when I said goodbye and stepped out into the grey, rainy day I would describe how I was feeling as ‘smiley and restored.’ I felt calm and energised and ready to face the crappy weather with a rainbow-like disposition – and a glowing visage!

I was lucky enough to be invited to experience this Ayurvedic Face Lift and Healing treatment for free. I was not obligated to write about it or mention it at all, but I have because I really enjoyed it and would thoroughly recommend it to anybody who wants to connect mind, body and soul, de-stress and give their face a lovely lifting boost too!

If you’d like to contact Gerald and find out more, you can visit his Instagram here @geraldmousset and direct message him. His treatment costs vary depending on his client’s individual needs but as a guide they are £80 per hour at Evolve Wellness Centre, South Kensington and £100 for a home visit.


  1. Tracey
    March 6, 2020 / 9:23 pm

    I love a facial that involves more than just the face. It makes the experience feel all the more effective and satisfying. This sounds amazing Lisa. A total body and mind reset. Xx

    • Glowology
      March 9, 2020 / 6:12 pm

      Hi Tracey – I agree with you. I do love a good treatment – and when it lifts me face & soul then all the better! xx

  2. March 9, 2020 / 3:30 pm

    I think I would be a bit unnerved by the distant healing approach – but maybe that is the old-fashioned cynic in me. You do look particularly refreshed! X

    • Glowology
      March 9, 2020 / 6:13 pm

      Hi Jo! I understand what you mean totally. I think you do have to feel it to believe it and I certainly felt much more restored afterwards. Thanks for the kind comment too! xx

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