Bath Oils To Bring You JOY

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a summertime girl – flip flops, cocktails and beaches are up there on my list of favourite things and sunshine is always guaranteed to lift my mood. But when winter comes around, it can be a different story. As much as I enjoy parts of it, such as sparkly fairy lights, mulled wine and comfort foods, I really have to be ready for the bleaker days ahead, so I need to pull out the happy-makers to blast away the dark day doldrums!

There is no end of research into the therapeutic benefits of a lovely, warm, bubbly bath and I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves to linger in the tub until my toes look like wrinkly cocktail sausages. So, we all know that a bath is a fabulous pick me up. But I’ve found a couple of products that make bath time even better and, if you suffer from S.A.D (Seasonal Affective Disorder) or you just love pure indulgence (and who doesn’t?) you will want to have these in your life.

These gorgeous oils by Beatitude (meaning: Supreme Happiness) are aptly named JOY and are also known by those who revel in their mood-boosting power (me!) as ‘Sunshine in a Bottle’. With a cheering blend of Orange, Mandarin, Grapefruit and Bergamot essential oil, it’s easy to see why. They really are the perfect antidote to those dreary winter days that can so often make you feel like hiding under the duvet with a packet of Hob Nobs and resurfacing in the spring (again, me!). Founder and aromatherapist, Rebecca O’Connor says,

“JOY is rich in one of my favourite oils, Bergamot, selected especially for its anti-depressantproperties, it is wonderful for fighting S.A.D and providing cheer for those dark winter days,”

I asked Rebecca for some expert tips to maximise relaxation and enhance your bath time wellbeing experience and she came up with these corkers…

  • Keep the lighting low or turn them off and bathe in candlelight.
  • Put your biggest, fluffiest towel or robe on a towel heater or radiator. You can also wrap a towel up in a hot water bottle too as you still get the cosy feeling from this.
  • Prolong and extend the skin nourishment and aromatherapy experience by using the matching body oil. Our oils are absorbed very quickly and leave your skin feeling silky smooth. This is a wonderful ritual to do at bedtime and is a really effective stress buster as you do float into bed ensuring a very blissful slumber.

And it’s not just the actual oils that I’m in love with – their packaging is pure fabulousness too. Presented in beautiful ‘dressing-table worthy’ French glass decanter bottles which are, as my girls say when they swipe them from my room, ‘totally instagrammable’.

With JOY Bath and Body Oils part of my pampering bath ritual, winter doesn’t seem so bah humbug after all!

Beatitude Bath Oils cost from £25 and Body Oils are £34. You can find out more information about the oils and other award winning Beatitude skincare products here.

What are your fail safe uplifting tips for dreary days? 

These lovely oils were PR samples sent to me to try and I loved them, so I reviewed them! 

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