Be Happy with the Skin You’re in!

Image: Toast

Image: Toast

I felt compelled to write a quick post on self esteem to the women or girls out there who might be feeling crappy about themselves because of the hurtful and ignorant words of Loose Women’s Jamelia. In case you don’t know, she said plus size clothes shouldn’t be available on the high street and women should be made uncomfortable when they go in a clothes shop and can’t find their size! Really. She said that.

I say, take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself: are you truly happy? If not, you can make an effort to improve your self-esteem by being kind to yourself – don’t punish yourself or feel bad.

And can I just add – how many of us know a skinny friend who can eat like a horse and live on junk food yet still won’t gain a pound? Exactly! So because these women are naturally slim or even skinny, does that mean they are any healthier than a plus size girl? NO, of course not! So, Jamelia – what do you say to that? Should we just have clothes racks of size 10-14 because the super slim surely need to feel uncomfortable too? That’s ostracising a whole lot of women isn’t it?

So, rant over and let’s forget the ridiculousness that’s been said by Jamelia and move on to a more positive – and intelligent – way of thinking. If you want to get slimmer or feel healthier and better about yourself but don’t know where to start try these simple tips:

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*  Go for long walks in beautiful surroundings, meet friends for a game of tennis or take part in a charity walk/run.

*  Fill up the fridge with lots of fruit and veg and throw away the junk food – but don’t deny yourself – you have to have a treat now and then else what’s life all about?

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*  Start slowly and be steady – don’t aim to lose a stone in a week – you’ll be setting yourself up for failure.

* The biggest tip that has helped me: If you do fall off the healthy eating wagon, don’t think “oh well, I’ve had  a packet of crisps now so I must as well eat a packet of biscuits and have pizza for tea”. No! Just start again – and do drink lots of water, it really helps!

*  While you’re at it, make yourself feel fabulous and wear your favourite makeup and clothes everyday – don’t save them for best. Get your hair cut and styled to suit your face and lifestyle.

*  Surround yourself with people who care about you and who know the true beauty in you.

* Every week, buy yourself something special – something as simple as a lipstick or new book – as long as it makes you smile inside. Think of it as a present to yourself to say well done for being you and getting through the week in a healthier way.

* Most importantly, do. not. compare. We are all different shapes and sizes and as long as we are healthy, size shouldn’t matter. And if you feel your health could be improved by losing a bit of weight, make a start with small steps to improve it and praise yourself for making a start.

Do it the glowology way and be happy in the skin that you’re in!

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