Beauty Flash Friday: Laura Geller Nude Kisses Lip Hugging Lip Gloss

It’s Friiiiidaaaaaaay! And I am really looking forward to a weekend with not much in the way of plans. There will be sunshine, there will be fizzy and there will be playing around and finding out all about my new, latest love – VLOGGING! But more on that soon. Right now, I just want to reiterate my love  for the Laura Geller Nude Kisses Lip Gloss and give you a more detailed review than that which I put on my vlog on Monday 🙂 You can read about it and watch the vlog HERE

So, why do I love these glosses so much? Well, as a woman who likes a no-fuss, natural look most of the time and one that won’t exaggerate lip wrinkles if possible, I LOVE a nude lip. It seems to work for me and I reckon it will for most over 40s. But, if you love to rock a red lip or something a little more vibrant, that’s great too and I admire a strong lip look, but it’s not something that, for me, is so easy to achieve.


I was over excited when I got the press release about these lip glosses – there were 16 – hear me people – SIXTEEN! – nude shades in the range. Now, some people might say, ‘well, why would you want 16 shades which are all very similar? ‘ Let me tell those people, you haven’t looked in my makeup bag and seen 100 shades of various textured lip products, that are all very similar but are NOT quite the same. So there! I’m a nudist – and I’m proud! Take that which way you want to (but being a nudist does actually only refer to my passion for lipstick hues – I don’t have a passion for flinging off my kit and flapping free in the wind!)

So, getting back to the Laura Geller glosses – they are ultra-creamy and comforting on the lips, the sponge tip has a little dent in it which fits on the curve of the lip and makes applying even easier – result! I mean, slicking on a nude gloss is easy for everyone – and it just got quicker and easier – what’s  not to love?


The glosses are moisturising too – great for my lips that are definitely dryer in the summer rather than winter funnily enough – and the coverage is sheer to medium with a non-sticky shine. Perfect!

Another thing I think is amazing about the size of the range is that you will definitely find a shade to suit your skin tone and what I am wearing now with a tan, will no doubt change in the colder months when my skin is much paler.

And don’t forget those soft peachy, pinky tones really do give you a plumped up, fuller looking lip – truly like yours but better  – a phrase the beauty world likes to tag on to every makeup product that comes onto the market. Take note brands – we’ve heard it all before – but, then again, is there a cleverer way to describe a product that makes you look like you, but a  new improved version? Maybe not! So let’s go with it.

If you want to check out the shades and read a bit more about them you’ll find these heavenly lip glosses here at or for £16.

Let’s hear it for the nudists! Do you love a barely there lipstick? What’s your favourite shade?



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