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Skincare is a very personal thing; what works well for some may only make others think ‘meh…it’s ok’ or they might not like it at all. And with so many skincare ranges available, knowing what to buy can be really confusing. So, I like to think that the products or treatments that I mention have something pretty special about them so that, even if they aren’t exactly the holy grail of beauty (because that hasn’t been invented yet and when it has, then believe me, I will be the first to tell you) I believe they will give most of us who are over 40, a happy little ‘ooh, yeah, that’s gooooood‘ kind of feeling.

So, it is with excitement and glowing skin, that I bring you my favourite addition to my skincare routine – Sesderma C-VIT Liposomal Serum.

Every skincare expert I know extols the virtues of Vitamin C as it’s a super skin multi-tasker. Not only is it anti-inflammatory, stabilises collagen and enhances the skin’s repair process, but it also works well as a brightener by reducing pigmentation and helping to even out skin tone. All of these properties are great but most impressively, I think, is that when applied topically, Vitamin C’s antioxidant effect neutralises free radicals and enables skin to better withstand exposure to UV rays. Wow. It really is a powerhouse ingredient!


Having known all of the above for many years, I should’ve been a Vitamin C convert ages ago but I kept deliberating about what product to try and what brand to choose – after all, there is a lot of noise about Vitamin C in the industry but I wanted to try something that would be sure to make an impact. So, the invitation to the launch of C-Vit by Spanish derma cosmeceutical brand, Sesderma, was just the nudge that I needed to stop me dithering.

Although Sesderma isn’t a brand I had heard of before, a little bit of research unveiled that it has a hugely successful reputation internationally and its founder, Dr Gabriel Serrano is highly regarded for ensuring that the brand develop products in tune with the needs of the customer, working with the mission of ‘listening to your skin’.


I relayed my queries about the stability of Vitamin C to the team at Sesderma – I know that Vitamin C is unstable and therefore, wondered whether its potency and effectiveness would dissipate from packaging to skin? This can happen in some low grade product formulations, but Sesderma utilises a combination of nanotechnology and Ethyl Ascorbic Acid which is a particularly stable formulation preventing oxidation, keeping its effectiveness on the skin for longer. As well as this, the liposomal vitamin C is encapsulated in lipid bubbles which allows particularly deep penetration, delivering maximum antioxidant effect to the skin. Cool!

After talking to the experts, I was excited about the prospect of integrating this serum into my skincare routine and I wasn’t disappointed! Its orange, tangy sweet scent is divine and the pipette allows just the right amount of citrusy serum in one or two droplets which is enough to smooth over chest neck and face. I tap the product with my fingertips into my skin as it dries and then apply a moisturiser (and then SPF in the morning).

After about 10 days I started to see a difference – my skin is definitely tighter and, I think, more luminous. Texture also seems refined and although there isn’t much of a change with pigmentation patches just yet, I can feel and see my complexion looks better in general. I think my sun spots will need more than Vitamin C to make a drastic improvement (Sesderma actually have a particular range for this that I might check out), but I would say, if you incorporate Vitamin C serum like this one into your skincare routine as soon as you can – you will definitely be helping prevent problems that could occur later. Listening to me you 20-somethings? I’m talking to you! 

And talking of oranges – I’m off to Spain – the home of oranges – for a much needed holiday for a couple of weeks and so will be taking a little break from blogging. But keep checking in as I’ve got so much exciting news and blog posts in the pipeline for when I return 🙂 Of course, I’ll still be making an appearance on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook So follow me there for lots of sunny pictures of cocktails, sea, tangerine toes, fun times and Glowology sparkle!

In the meantime, check out Sesderma Vit-C £30.44 and the rest of their product ranges here.










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