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Who doesn’t love receiving a beautifully wrapped gift? And better still if it’s a box full of lovely little beauty products that just scream ‘try me, try me!’ before you’ve even lifted the lid. The idea all started with the fabulous Glossybox (my fave) which has spawned a brigade of boxes that arrive in the post choc full of wonderful beauty treats for you to try…

I love the arrival of my Glossybox each month because I get to try a selection of 5 skincare/makeup gems that I might not normally think of spending big bucks on in case they weren’t right for me. Or more likely because I’m stuck in a rut and find it hard to break away from my beauty safety zone; either way, it’s a great way of introducing you to new brands and colours. The product sizes are sometimes a bit bigger than your average sample and you often get a full size product thrown in too. Here are a few of my favourite discoveries from boxes old and new –  I’m sure at least 2 or 3 of these will end up as must-haves on my beauty list from now on.

Glossybox beauty products

little beauty gems

UPDATE: The Mail on Sunday’s YOU Magazine has recently launched a corker of a box, jam-packed with £100 worth of beauty goodies for £19.99. I haven’t subscribed to have it delivered as yet – but I can feel my credit card itching! YOU_beauty_box WARNING: If you have teenage daughters, be sure to be in when the postman delivers your parcel else you could end up calling to complain about a missing box only to have to call back 5 minutes later – to apologise, as you’ve found ‘missing box’ under daughter’s bed!

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