Bringing Beauty Salons Back!

Welcome to the weekend my beauties! I’m getting excited that the beauty salons are going to be offering facials again – woop woop! What can I try next? As you know I’ve had my fair share of treatments and there are a few complete complexion game-changers that I really rate: Fire & Ice, CACI and Endospheres and Hydra Facial are just 3 off the top of my head which have given my skin full glow-factor over the years. 

I’ve spoken to many beauty clinic and salon owners recently who have been floored and angered (quite rightly) by the decision to keep them closed for so long while other industries have been allowed to open. But, onwards and upwards and I hope we can all go and support our brilliant beauty industry by booking a treatment or two. I know I will be! 

On another note – my eyebrows! My dodgy eyesight has kept me away from them with the tweezers and shaping tools over lockdown and I’ll be damned if I hand the tweezers to any of my family to have a go at them – that’ll be a recipe for disaster – aka bald brows. So I’m going to get these hairy beauties pampered and styled as soon as possible too! Any recommendations of great London beauty salons and brow places are welcome. I know a few but I want to spread my love to all the beauty establishments that help make us look our most fabulous and give us that little relaxing, feel-good time that we deserve.

Any fab findings that I come across will, of course, be shared with you all! Share your favourite salons with me too and let’s give them all a big hand (or our straggly brows) to say well done for coping with lockdown and good luck going forwards! 💋

I’m looking forward to bringing you more beauty salon and spa news of treatments to help us feel our best as we age. Remember to sign up to my newsletter here on my blog to get the low-down! 

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  1. September 28, 2020 / 9:48 am

    If I was to go to the best ( I’ve heard) It would have to be the Vaishaly clinic in Paddington. Famous for eyebrows. I’m missing treatments and can’t wait to get into a salon! xx

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