Blogging isn’t my full time job but I do occasionally earn money and get some fabulous perks, so for clarity, I would like to explain how this works on Glowology…


These will always be declared with ‘AD’ in the title and then a sentence at the end (or within the post) declaring the partnership. I have never worked with a brand – and never will – who I don’t think work with the ethos of Glowology and my readers. I also only use my own true thoughts words for every post

GIFTED ITEMS and treatments

Whether in blog or social media post, these will always be marked as (AD-Gifted) to comply with ASA regulations but also to denote the nature of the collaboration – meaning I go the products or treatment for free but with NO payment. If any payment occurs, they will be marked AD.


I sometimes use affiliate links to gain a small amount of commission (and I really do mean small – like, pennies) when linking to some of the products I mention – and these are always products I love and which I would be writing about anyway. If you buy something through these links, it does not alter your shopping experience and you will never be charged any more but you will be helping me fund Glowology with a couple of pence, so thank you for your support. I will mark these (AFF LINK)