Don’t Worry…Be Happy!

bloody awful cover

Recently, I’ve been fretting about all sorts of things…my wrinkly chest, trying to get more work, the disorganised, ancient clothes in my wardrobe, our building site for a house, my teen who dyes her hair a different colour each week (or every other day!), my wobbly belly, keeping up with the Jones’s… In other words, what it really boils down to is….

Worrying about whether I am actually good enough.

me thinking

My poor Stressed Husband, who listens to me wittering on about said wobbly belly, rubbish clothes and wrinkly chest just looks at me bewilderedly, as if to say “What are you on?” He sent me the main picture above, which he found on Huffington Post by self confessed ‘funny guy and social media idiot’ Technically Ron and it sort of put things into perspective!

This magazine cover spoof did make me laugh! It really outlines the insecurities many of us women have, doesn’t it? And it also made me take a step back and rethink what I’m trying to achieve. Why am I beating myself up over silly things that aren’t even that important?

I know I’m not the only woman who feels like this.

Why do we worry so much about whether we are good enough – and what do we actually deem is good enough? Are we striving for the impossible – and what will we do when/if we get there? I doubt we’ll sit back and relax…we’ll probably strive for something else instead!

But what makes us worry about things so much? As a magazine writer, I don’t hold with the view that magazines give women an inferiority complex and actually, I verge more on the side of enjoying the glossy perfectness in the pages and see them mostly as inspirational, rather than unachievable.

I’m old enough and clever enough to know that most of those perfect pictures are set up, airbrushed and filtered but often, the stories in the magazines I like to read are of women who have worked hard to overcome some sort of adversity or have just tried their damned hardest to get what they’ve got and where they’ve got today. Well done them!

What am I trying to say?

I guess, I like things to be lovely, to look good and to feel fantastic – whether it’s me, my house, my children or my work. But…sometimes, I need to shake myself and remember that nobody is really perfect. We are all just trying our best to live each day, making it as happy and worthwhile as it can possibly be.

So, if – like me – you are moaning about your wobbly bits, crappy clothes and your teenager’s dodgy dye job. (What? Oh. That last one’s just me then.)

Or, if you’re sighing wistfully at pictures of perfection in magazines or on your Instagram feed. Stop. Right. There.

Remember, there’s nobody out there who is as good at being you as you…and you’re doing just fine as you are!


  1. May 12, 2015 / 1:03 pm

    I love this and that Huffington Post image is amazing! I sometimes would really love to speak to my Grandma about how she felt when she was my age – different pressures, the same pressures? It would be fascinating to know. I think we do now live in such a media-driven society that comparisons on a daily basis are inevitable. But mostly, every day when I wake up, I’m just happy to be here X

    • Glowology
      May 12, 2015 / 1:12 pm

      Thanks for dropping by to my blog – welcome! I agree that we should all just be happy to be here! Very interesting what you say about your grandma – I guess without social media there was less chance for us to know what everyone else has/wears/buys etc and therefore less chance of us comparing our lives with others. That said, what would we do without our twitter/blogs etc now? Xx

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