Dr Bronner’s Magic Duo Has Me Under Its Spell.


Packing for holiday has never been my forte – especially when it comes to lotions and potions because I want to take them ALL! This year, I was given a few samples from various fabulous brands to try while I was away, and although most of them past the test of this frazzled old beauty ed, the two I wanted to shine a sunny little light on are here below. They’re the winners in my eyes because I’m still using them beyond my holiday. So, let me introduce you to my new favourite body beauts…

Dr Bronner’s Magic Lotion For Hands & Body

Now, this isn’t something I’d usually pick up myself. It isn’t glamorously packaged and it looks rather plain…which really, is a ridiculous reason for not picking up a product, isn’t it? You’d think I’d know better with my years of being dazzled by blingy products that have actually turned out to be all fur coat and no knickers – if you know what I mean. Basically, Dr Bronner has confirmed to me that that old adage that I’ve always taught my kids of never judging a book by its cover, stands true. And this product is proof.

Not only does the rich, citrusy Orange & Lavender scent of this lotion mean that my skin feels so soft and smells so fresh that I don’t even need to bother with a fragrance, but, as with all of Dr Bronner products, it’s certified organic and is fair trade. So slathering this onto my skin after a day of fun in the sun and sea, meant I didn’t only look and smell wonderful but I was helping do wonderful things for the good of the earth and mankind! Could there be more of a win-win? Nope. I don’t think so.


The loooooong list of premium, quality ingredients are labelled on the bottle and you can find out more about them and the other scents available by clicking here and for just £8.29 for a chunky 237ml pump bottle, I think it’s great value for such a well formulated lotion. Not an ideal size for hand luggage obviously, but you can easily dispense it into a smaller bottle if you want to take it on board. I am so enamoured that I’ve just purchased a second bottle which is ready and waiting for when this one is finished.

It just so happens that my second best beauty buy is also from the Dr Bronner range. And I must add here that if Dr Bronner were still alive, I would apologise to him personally for having ignored his products until now. What I can do though, is help enlighten my lovely readers to find out more about his wonderfully philanthropic view on life and his products by checking out the website here.


Dr Bronner’s Magic Organic Body Balm

This little tin of balm brightens up my day…and from the amount of times I’ve had to retrieve it from my daughters’ rooms, it obviously brightens up their days too!  The slide across lid is genius – it means, unlike screw lids, it can’t get lost or fall off at the bottom of my bag only for the balm to pick up crumbs, fluff and false eyelashes (yes, I’ve known that to happen – many times). And the little tin helps keep the balm cool and solid, rather than runny and too slippery.

The line on the back of the tin reads: Gently Soothes Dry Skin Anywhere & Everywhere. So, I put it to the test and on holiday: it was an after-sun soother (you know those pesky little patches under your bikini top that you always seem to miss with the SPF? Ouch!) It was a lip balm, cuticle softener, cheek, shoulder and collarbone gleamer aaaaaaand when my flip flops were rubbing but I’d forgotten plasters, I smeared it onto the irritated area and it helped prevent friction! Amazing little tin tin and it only costs £3.99 here. I had the Patchouli Lime scented balm but may also invest in the Orange Lavender to match my hand and body lotion. And for mums of littlies out there, there’s a special baby balm that I would have like a shot if mine were still at the falling over, nappy stage.

So, that was my gorgeous twosome that I won’t be without now, whatever the weather. I’d love to know what unexpected beauty products have come into your life that you now can’t do without!




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