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me in the sun I try not to moan too much and like to keep my blog and social media platforms full of upbeat and motivational type content. But, you know, I’m real and sometimes the Pollyanna in me goes AWOL. It was the result of a ‘woe is me’ type tweet, where I mentioned how my skin was playing up due to the adverse effects of living in a building site, that got me a very kind invitation by highly regarded skin clinic Waterhouse Young to pop in for a facial. Don’t mind if I do!

I met Anna Silsby, a highly experienced former nurse and now, Clinic Manager, who carried out my treatment. She informed me that the beauty of the HydraFacial is that it’s ideal for all skin types as the cosmeceutical grade products are chosen specifically for the individual to achieve the ultimate results. So, whether you suffer from acne, rosacea or wrinkles, your skin will be treated accordingly. HydraFacial As Anna went to work on my skin using a hand held tool with special tips to carry out various functions during the treatment, I expected it to feel slightly scratchy – but it didn’t.

I’ve never found the exfoliation step of a facial particularly comfortable but Anna explained that the HydroPeel tip is the newest most effective way to exfoliate – a sort of new and improved, upgraded version of microdermabrasion. So, surprisingly, it’s a much more pampering and spa like experience than many I’ve tried.

After my skin was cleansed and exfoliated with lactic acid, glucosamine and botanical extracts, the next step was a gentle glycolic and salicylic solution peel which made the skin tingle a little. But all the while, as well as loosening dirt and debris from the pores, the special tip design was also pumping the skin with hydrating solutions to protect and nourish – hence the hydra in HydraFacial!

I was pleased to be informed that gone are the days of squeezing spots and blackheads and now, the HydraFacial uses a painless suction tip to carry out extractions on congested areas without leaving red blotches! Next, for the deepest hydration the patented Darmbuilder Serum, containing a combination of skin plumping peptides designed to help stimulate collagen and improve the strength of the cell structure is pushed into the deep lines and wrinkles using a ‘twist and a kiss’ method – love that description!

The final step for my skin was to rejuvinate with Red and infrared LED light to reduce redness and further stimulate collagen while supporting the natural production of vitamin D. This felt warm and relaxing and actually made me take a moment to enjoy the sensation and stop yabbering on to poor Anna who I’d been bombarding with skincare questions from the start of the facial.

The softness of my skin afterwards was really lovely – although it was red initially, a few hours later it returned to normal and, as the days went on, my skin continued to look more hydrated, firmer and definitely more glowing.

It is an expensive treatment at £230 for a one off. A course of six is recommended over a 6 week period but in many cases, clients turn to HydraFacial instead of injectables as they see such great results that they no longer feel the need for Botox or fillers. For further information on HydraFacial at Waterhouse Young click here.

The Consultation deep skin image I had a consultation with Aesthetic Doctor, Saira Vasdev, in which she used the latest computerised skin analysis to take magnified 3D images of my face. And, as you can see from the picture above – it’s a pretty scary sight to behold! The analysis allows a look into the deeper layers of skin to identify areas where potential problems might arise so they can be treated before they come to the surface. Although it looks pretty grim, Dr Vasdev assured me that with preventative measures in place now, such as a good skincare regime, limiting sun exposure, wearing an SPF 30 or above EVERY day and leading a healthy lifestyle, the frightening damage (which can have been done some 20 years ago) can be treated and the complexion improved. Phew!

Do you enjoy a facial now and then and, if you do, what’s your favourite? I’d love to know!


  1. Jen on Beauty
    June 19, 2015 / 1:18 pm

    Looking gorgeous, and I am SO there with you on the back-in-the-day sun damage!! If only we knew then, etc. etc. – but the facial sounds like the perfect treat and great to get the advice on the SPF 30 etc., too. You certainly don’t look in the LEAST bit post-building site, that’s for sure!! XXX

  2. Glowology
    June 19, 2015 / 1:26 pm

    Aww thank you Jen! Must say the building work has been wreaking havoc on the nails, skin and hair! That’s my fault for marrying a builder I guess…just a shame our home is always the last to get finished properly! Thanks for reading! xx

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