Facial Massage for Youthful Skin


You’ve probably read about facial massage being good for your skin, but if you’re anything like me, you probably feel a little bit confused and not sure where to start. So, good news! on my quest for finding out how to keep skin looking youthful and healthy without spending fortune and while also giving yourself a big wellbeing boost at the same time, I came across this wonderful video by fabulous, International makeup artist Lisa Eldridge, who’s worked on the most famous faces in the world (oh, how I’d love to dive into her makeup cupboard…pure bliss!).

The video lasts about 20 minutes but it is really worth watching, as she shows you lots of different techniques for de-puffing, plumping and firming, and she does it in such an informative, friendly and chatty way that you immediately want her to be your new BFF 🙂

Lisa also shares some great tips such as freezing Green Tea into cubes and using them for a revitalising morning face massage – or anytime you feel your skin needs a little extra butt-kicking brightness. This makes a lot of beauty sense because Green Tea is full of antioxidants which help shrink blood vessels and Vitamin K which helps treat dark circles. And at the end of the video Lisa mentions that she believes facial massage to be the holygrail of skincare – so if her blooming, youthful complexion is anything to go by, ladies – let’s give this a go!

I’ll keep you updated and let you know if and how my skin improves after a few weeks – let me know if you see a difference too!

Happy massaging! 🙂

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