My Favourite Glow-Givers of 2017

Remember when your gran used to say ‘ooh, time flies by!’ well, I’m with gran because 2017 has honestly been the swiftest year for me so far. I really hope they do start slowing down a bit now I’m 50. Yes, I know they are all actually 365 days a year and all the days have 24 hours in them, but that doesn’t explain why yesterday it was August and today it’s nearly the end of blooming December! Anyway, enough of the pondering, I’m giving a big shout out to the things that have made a positive difference in my life over the last year and I hope you enjoy my little trip down memory lane with my top 5 Glow Givers of 2017…


I’d heard of the Hypoxi method of body shaping but didn’t really understand it – and to tell you the truth, thought it might be a bit of a faddy thing – until I researched it and had a chat with the fab Dorota from Chiswick Hypoxi. Her passion for Hypoxi, having tried it herself and brought the franchise just like Remington’s Victor Kiam 🙂 was infectious. And when I tried it and started seeing results, I could understand why! You can read all about my experience with Hypoxi here. After my initial half a stone weight loss and 12cm loss from waist to thighs, I’ve gone on to lose a further half a stone, drop a dress size and have really improved my eating habits. I know Christmas is here and I’m bound to slip up and fall off the healthy eating wagon – which I’m fine with as a girl needs a little chocolate blow out now and then! I’ll just head back to Dorota and Chiswick Hypoxi to get back on track in the spring! If you’re looking for a way to tone up, slim down and improve cellulite, you might want to check Hypoxi out.


Dorota always makes me smile!


I love, love, loved my facial at Gazelli House. It wasn’t the most advanced or high tech facial I’ve ever had, but the combination of the wonderful location, the happy and relaxed vibe of Gazelli and the wonderful therapist, Valeria, made it quite unique and unforgettable. I felt like a new person when I left; not only was my skin sparkling but inside I felt much more serene and positive, full of motivation and positivity with a determination to make my life the best and happiest possible. I would definitely  like some more of this Gazelli gold dust in 2018! Read about my experience here.



Apart from giving birth to my three kids, I’d say that my 50th birthday turned out to be the best day of my life…so far! Whenever I’m tempted to moan about Stressed Husband (and it’s quite a lot, to be fair) I only need to be reminded of how he managed to pull off the epic surprise of flying my dad over from Spain to walk me down the aisle (my number one wish since we got married the first time and dad wasn’t there) arrange a wedding at the church I’d always wanted to get married in, and keep it from EVERYONE until 24 hours before so that the secret didn’t come out! I don’t know how it worked, but it did and it was even more perfect because it showed how, after 25 years of marriage, my John John knows me so well. Read about my very special day here.


Apart from Hypoxi, I’ve slacked off the gym and more exerting forms of exercise over the last few months as work has got in the way (I know, I know…no excuses!) BUT, I really enjoy walking and I actually walk for miles most days. One of the highlights of my day is my dogwalk. Come rain or shine, that fluff baby of mine keeps me on my toes and has me out into the elements and I love it. I can leave the house feeling pretty grim (hungover or just menopausal and miserable) and I can guarantee that no matter how much I don’t fancy the walk, when I come back I’ll be feeling so much better and uplifted. Most of the time I walk with friends and we catch up on local gossip, what our kids are up to or just have a good old moan about life in general but we always end up laughing about something. It’s my time and it’s such a perfect start to the day. If like me, you work from home, I think it’s essential for wellbeing and health to get outside for at least half an hour every day.

And last but not least…


Getting shortlisted for Most Innovative Content in the Thirty Plus Awards which are organised by the lovely, talented and very hardworking Hayley Hall at London Beauty Queen and  founder of the Thirty Plus collective, was an incredibly proud moment for me. I generally drift along with my blog, writing a post here and there, feeling really inspired and then feeling a bit bored and not sure of where this blogging journey will take me. But, since meeting up with some of the great women at the awards at the beginning of December, I really feel that it’s given me a kick up the jacksy to keep  going,  get stuck in and make blogging a much more important part of my life – and hopefully, use it to spark my writing career to even greater heights (book plans coming along for 2018.) You can read more about me getting my blogging bounce back here I’ve got some exciting plans for the blog going into 2018 and hope to be featuring lots of great tips, tricks, products and ponderings to help my fellow 40+ readers make the most of their health, beauty and wellbeing while having fun along the way – of course!

Talking of fun; it’s time to get festive and put blogging on the back burner until the New Year and it’s also time to thank you all for having read, commented and supported my blog over the last year. I am truly grateful and love to hear your thoughts and ideas because that’s what keeps me going. Here’s wishing you a wonderful 2018 with lots of love, luck and happiness…

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