A Festive Kind Of Limbo


Having a quick scroll through Twitter I realise I’m not on my own when it comes to feeling a bit in limbo between Christmas and New Year. It’s a strange few days isn’t it? I feel a little bit like Alice in Wonderland in a weird parallel universe…it’s my life but not my life. Things look normal outside but they’re somehow off-kilter. Even the weather is an odd mixture – bright sunshine, frost, cold winds and then warm patches (but that last bit may be a hot flush.) Anyway, it’s strange and I feel strange…

Alice in Wonderland is definitely the right comparison because any kind of normality has gone out of the window when it comes to eating and drinking…like Alice, I’m eating odd stuff. Brussel sprouts and weird cheese that tastes like smokey wood and bark…why? I’m drinking odd stuff. Port (old man’s drink) and too sweet mulled cider…why? But forget the shrinking potions that Alice tried, all these beverages and weird concoctions serve to do is make me grow – sideways not upwards! I’m looking more Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum than Alice.

And Prosecco? Don’t get me started! I’m not exactly pouring it on my cornflakes, but the kids have got so used to the sound of popping corks before midday that they have given up raising their judgy eyebrows at me and instead plonk a couple of fresh raspberries in my glass to ensure their mum is at least getting one of her 5-a-day (of which, may I add, I’m getting at least 3…if you count the grapes in the Prosecco and the fruit in my daily vat of trifle!)

Along with these weird eating habits comes weird working habits! Thinking of the days in between Christmas and New Year as ‘Normal Working Days’ just doesn’t cut it. They’re anything BUT normal! Well, maybe they are to everybody else, but, despite the sales, there’s tumble-weed blowing around Chiswick High Road and whenever a work email pings into my inbox taking me away from a Netflix binge, I curl up into a ball and hide! This is odd behaviour, I’ll have you know. I actually love my work, but when I get an inkling that it really is time to start answering these emails and ‘getting on with it’ I feel almost put out and sulky. It’s as if by having to answer ‘work emails’ I am having my personal freedom and space invaded! 

Besides, who has time to work on ‘Normal Working Days’ when dealing with the pile of recycling my family has accumulated over the last few days is a 9-5 job in itself? I feel like Quasimodo (in a leopard print onesie) lugging out all of the bottles boxes and paper. 

Yes, these in-between days are very strange indeed but rest assured, normality will soon be resuming to the Glowology household…just after I’ve scoffed the rest of the cheese filled chocolate truffles! 

I hope you’re having a lovely Christmas and let’s all look forward to a healthy, happy 2017!



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