Friday’s Fabulous Beauty Flash

Christmas Pressies

I’ve been so overwhelmed with the array of fabulous beauty Christmas gift sets and must-haves I’ve seen this season that I’m choosing a few of my favourites to highlight on this post. If Santa is reading this, remember this is just the abridged version of my beauty wish list, there is another, much more comprehensive list lying casually on my dressing table…in case you were wondering 😉 

Laura Mercier Colour-to-Go Portable Palette for Eyes, Cheeks and Lips, £31

Laura Mercier Colour To Go Portable Palette for Eyes, Cheeks and LipsAll a woman-on-the-go needs for pulling her looks together in super quick time! I love the suits all shades and the fact that it can slip into your handbag for touch ups throughout the day. Available from Selfridges.

Jo Loves…A Fragrance Shot Box (sample set), £38

Jo Loves…A Fragrance Shot Box (sample set) £38A treat of olfactory delights in a sumptuously packaged box from the Queen of Fragrance herself, Jo Malone. I’ve heard that every one of these 10 scents will become your favourite at one time or another. Available from Jo Loves.

Wayne Goss Makeup Brushes, from £18

Wayne Goss Makeup BrushesMakeup artist, teacher and YouTube makeup maestro, Wayne Goss developed these brushes as he believes ‘beautiful makeup starts with beautiful brushes’. I’ve got my name down on the waiting list because the range sells out as soon as a new batch comes in! And if renowned beauty journalist and blogger, Jane Cunningham aka British Beauty Blogger raves about them, then you know you’re onto a good thing! You can add your name to the waiting list here.

So, these are my three fabulous beauty flashes this week, but there are so many more where they came from. Let’s hope Santa reads that list…I’ve been a good girl, honest!

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