Friday’s Fabulous Beauty Flash


Who hasn’t walked past the Soap & Glory products at Boots and had a little giggle at the quirky and clever – often risque – names such as Glow Job and Sexy Mother Pucker? Here’s why I’ve voted their Foam Call Shower and Bath Body Wash my Friday’s Fabulous Beauty Flash winner…

A while back, although I used to enjoy the Soap & Glory names, I wasn’t sure about buying them; I thought maybe they weren’t products to be taken seriously – unlike the sombre, clinical skincare that give off that ‘I’m sterile and quite boring looking, therefore, I must work well.’ So, when my eldest daughter left her large bottle of bubblegum pink Foam Call Body Wash in the shower, I thought I’d give it a go. Boy what a discovery! At first it was just the creamy texture and gorgeous fragrance that impressed me; the peppermint essential oil makes it feel luxurious to use and the fig and orange oil are definitely the right side of zingy fruitiness without smelling cheap or sickly. Then, after a week of happily using it and being surprised and delighted at how soft it had made my skin, it went missing from the shower. I was crestfallen and realised then, that I had fallen in love and hadn’t even known it!

But like all good love stories, mine has a happy ending because after an unexciting shower, Boots was my first stop of the day to pick me up a huge 500ml bottle of sudsy loveliness that is Foam Call Body Wash. Things got even better…when I got to the till and found out it was only £6.50. Fun, bubblegum pink, smells divine, excellent body softening qualities, makes me smile and all at a bargain price…what’s not to love?



    • Glowology
      November 3, 2013 / 5:47 pm

      Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog. The body wash is amazing…makes me happy every time I use it!

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