How to D.I.Y Denim Shorts in Less than 5 Minutes


I never thought that me and D.I.Y of any kind would ever cross paths, but my recent obsession with wanting a pair of denim shorts has changed all that! I’ll tell you why. I have a gazillion pairs of jeans in all shapes: bell bottom, skinny, cropped, mom, straight, boyfriend. And many sizes: 10-16 and yet I have zero pairs of denim shorts! I was on a mission to change all that…

Before I bring on my easy-peasy cut-off shorts ‘how-to’, I also wanted to mention that, for those women out there who worry about whether they should be wearing dungarees or denim shorts or any-bloody-thing at all – STOP! I’m almost 53 and I have only recently begun to properly not give a sh*t about putting an age-limit on what I wear if I like something – or what I do, for that matter! Society has dictated for years what it thinks is applicable for women when they get to 40 and above. Well, me and my peers are here to tell society – NOT ANYMORE! We will wear what we like at any age. You can read my previous post about positive ageing in midlife here and here  So, that’s off my chest now. Here comes the D.I.Y…


Choose a pair of jeans that you like the colour of and which feel comfy on. If they’re a little big that’s fine. I chose these because they’re slightly big and very comfy but the shape – as jeans – wasn’t very flattering so I hadn’t worn them for years. Lay them straight on a flat surface – table or floor is fine.




Place a pair of your shorts that you like the length of over the jeans to give you a guide to work from.




Use a pen or marker to draw a line across the jeans. Using a ruler is a sensible idea if you want to get it spot on. But because I’m in the slap-dash camp of D.I.Y-ers, I sort of went for it freestyle. One thing that is important though, is to make sure your line is a little longer than the shorts you’re using as a template because you have room to tidy up any mistakes and you can also use any extra length to turn up (like I have) or maybe distress them a little. See – I even give you options! I think I’m becoming a bit of an expert!




It’s time to cut the jeans. Follow the line you’ve drawn as much as possible and make sure your scissors are sharp. I may have tried to do this D.I.Y tutorial a few weeks ago with a blunt pair of nail scissors and mucked it all up…I said, I may have! Anyway. Sharp scissors are key – be careful…blood splatters add a whole other level to the term distressed denim!



Repeat the snipping on the other side and there you have your new denim cut-offs! They may be a little wonky or ragged at the edges – but hey, that’s what’s so fab about denim shorts – they’re meant to bring a little laissez faire into your life!



I love the fact that denim shorts can be worn so many ways. I usually wear a pair of flip flops for the garden or to pop across to the river and sit with a drink to watch the sunset. But equally, you can dress them up a little with a cami and a shirt and a pair of wedges – a perfect way to elongate the legs!


So, there you have my first ever D.I.Y tutorial. I’m not promising you’ll ever get another one. But for now…it’s a start and I’ve saved myself some money by not ordering some online – so that’s a bonus! Have you got crafty during lockdown? I’d love you to show me your D.I.Y skills! 

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