I Fell Out of Love with Instagram but we Could Be Getting Back Together


Guess it’s time for me to wake up and smell the roses…and the irises! (should’ve had a cheesy pun alert for that one, shouldn’t I?) But seriously…I’m back. For those of you who didn’t even know – or care – I had a little break from social media – literally a teeny break, think I only lasted 6 days and even then, I checked in on stories occasionally. So what led to me falling out of love with Instagram?Insta was not being my friend. I was asking ‘what’s it all for?’ as the game-playing follow/unfollowers, weirdo freak fake followers, strange DM requests etc were getting on my tits – for want of better (more ladylike) phrase and as my old nanny Joan used to say, I was ‘doing me nut!’ 

But while I was ‘away’ I got some lovely messages from some of you who told me why they follow me and want me to stay on the squares: I am real and down to earth, I have a great way with words, I can be very amusing and my posts are often inspiring and educational – helping you to discover ways in which you might look and feel fabulous as you age. This was just some of the lovely feedback. Thank you so much for that.

As well as my content and copywriting work for magazines, brands and small businesses, I’ve decided I’m going to carry on with Glowology and get more consistent with my blog because I really appreciate those who got back to me in the last week. Ok, I don’t consider myself an expert ie, a menopause doctor, wellbeing coach or lifestyle guru but I am a 50 something woman like you – with all the same thoughts, worries, dreams, mind/body niggles, passions and desires in life and I like to think, if something helps me feel or look good – I really should share it because it might help you too! So actually, I guess I am a kind of expert – I consider myself a ‘Glowologist’ and it is my honour to help you glow in midlife!

I’m going to be setting up my newsletter (I may even title it The Glowologist) to bring you those extra little tips and tricks to keep you shining inside and out. I’ll be bringing you news on what’s caught my eye lately and added value to my midlife – whether it’s great beauty bargains, wellbeing tips that work, women you should follow and why, advice from experts, books I’m devouring, style solutions and lots more Glowologisty stuff! Please sign up to subscribe and I’ll be in touch with you very soon.

Here’s to a super Sunday my beauties! Mwah!

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