International Women’s Day 2023: My Message to You


It’s that time of year when we celebrate the power of women with International Women’s Day 2023. I love that we have a day, but to tell you the truth, in my own little way, I celebrate the women in my life every day. From my mum, sister, daughters and friends – they make my world a better place.And today, I’m jumping on the completely fabulous I AM Enough bandwagon to support my insta friend Sharon at Best Before End Date and her not for profit social enterprise @shoutloudercic 💪🏽

In honour of us all, I wanted to share some heartfelt words from me to you…

Every one of us, no matter how shiny social media may sometimes portray us, has days when the dishes don’t get done, the dog haired carpet goes unvacuumed, the fresh veg goes off in the fridge because we can’t be arsed to cook so we settle for cheese on toast instead. We put on our workout clothes but can’t face the gym and flick on Netflix instead. We often wonder– ‘why can’t I be – or do – more than this?’ Am I right? 🤷‍♀️

I’m here to tell you, you’re looking at yourself in all the wrong places. Instead,

❤️ Look into the eyes of your adult kids who appreciate your words of wisdom even when they’re rushing out the door.

❤️ Look at your happy old dog – you can’t get a better gage of your kindness and caring than those soft, sloppy cuddles.

❤️ Look at the warm, cosy home that might be messy but is full of silliness and laughter and tears that are shared with those you love and who love you

❤️ Look at your reflection and really see who is looking back: Forget the grey roots, the thread veins, the droopy eyelids and lines and see instead, the strength, the light and compassion.

See that every day – good or bad – you ARE ENOUGH.

To join in and help give opportunities to amplify voices on women’s wellness and social issues from period poverty to menopause to education and the last big taboo – ageism, pop over to @shoutloudercic and bag your own merch. No need to buy though, you can also help by sharing this wonderful initiative on social media, chat about it with your friends to raise awareness or post a photo of yourself with a sign saying I AM Enough before International Women’s Day on Wednesday 8th March.

You really are enough! xx


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