It’s Time For A Change…

There’s been a restlessness in the air or maybe it’s just a bit of a summer shake-up? Maybe – most likely – it’s the thought of my upcoming 50th. But, whatever it is, I have decided to make some changes…

I’ve been blogging for around three years now – on and off – and that’s a big deal because you know how inconsistent I can be! I am genuinely so surprised to still be here in this bloggersphere! Stressed Husband will tell you (well, he’s always telling me) I’m not very good at finishing what I start, be it big ideas for a new business, a cake I’m baking (I’ll eat the mix before it hits the oven) or my gym regime – okay, okay, that’s a work in progress! So, the fact that I’ve been blogging for over three years is a pretty big deal to me.

I’ve made some lovely online friends, some of who are becoming IRL friends too. I’ve got some really interesting freelance work from my blog – fabulous experts in their field, who want my expertise to write their content. I’m even starting to get brands who want to pay me to write for them on my blog. That’s something that I didn’t think would happen but it’s really welcome – as long as it’s something I think my readers would be interested in.

‘So, what’s the change?’ I hear you ask. Well, it’s not really dramatic, it’s just that I’ve decided I’m going to start writing more about what really resonates with me now rather than what I feel I ought to be writing about. The Glowology tagline of Feel & Look Your Fabulous Best – It’s Our Time To Glow still stands true – but with a twist. The emphasis for me now, really has to be on feeling good. Yes, when we look our best, it helps us feel our best and that’s wonderful, but I’ve found over the years that actually, you can look pretty darn fabulous but still feel a bit sh*t. And I want to get to the bottom of that! I’m so much more interested on the inside now – what’s going on in our hearts and in our minds than what we are putting on our faces.

It makes so much more sense to me now that if you feel good about yourself and you’re excited and interested about your life, you really do look so much better because you naturally radiate a sass and confidence that no amount of makeup or skincare can truly compete with.

I want to write more for those of us (like me) who may, from time to time, need a little help in bringing that sass back.

I want to write for:

Those of us who could do with a little boost, a little bit of encouragement and self-confidence to enrich their lives for themselves – and those around them.

Those of us who are hitting 50 and beyond, who are looking at their almost empty nest and saying ‘what now? I’m ready to go for it now that I’m not solely focused on the kids, but what shall I go for? And how can I do it?

Those of us who perhaps feel they may have left things a bit late and wonder whether they can start a new life, business, follow their dreams (YES! You CAN!)

Those of us who have so much to give, so much life experience, so much kindness, so much love and so much energy (or maybe not so much energy all the time😉). I want to write for you…for us all.

I want to be a cheerleader for the 50 year olds and beyond who are peering above the parapet of a certain age, but still looking out into a life of opportunities beyond mum-dom and young-dom – and are wondering whether they should jump. Go on, I dare you!

I want us to all take a leap together!

So the new Glowology will still have its fix of beauty and skincare here and there, but there will be a lot more health and way more wellbeing. Tips, tricks and interviews with experts that I hope will help all of us that want to be happy, healthy and love our life as we age.

And please feel free to comment and let me know what subjects would interest you and what you’d like to read about – I’d love to know!

In the meantime…stay sassy! 😘


  1. Vanity And Me Style
    July 7, 2017 / 5:01 pm

    And I will be jumping right alongside you whilst fighting you for that cake mix! Look forward to reading more xx

    • Glowology
      September 13, 2017 / 12:00 pm

      Hi Laurie – so sorry I missed this comment somehow! thank you for dropping by and funnily enough – talking about cake mix…saw your fab shortbread biscuits on insta stories! Yummy! See you soon and thank you for your blogging support! Much love as always, Lisa xx

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