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I’m not a natural jogger by any stretch of the imagination, so when Best magazine asked if I’d like to write a regular blog about my experiences of training to get from couch to 5k, I had to think twice. What if I couldn’t do it? I’m okay at fooling myself – a little quicker than average walk to the end of the road then stopping for a coffee and croissant because I’d just ‘been good’, is about my norm. But if I agreed to Best mag’s challenge, I knew my Leo pride wouldn’t allow me to let real readers down – which meant I had to really try! So I took up the gauntlet and surprised myself…

You can read all about the ups and downs of my training by clicking through here to

It was great appearing in Best magazine and their online site, not just for my fitness levels but to get more exposure for my writing. But in all honestly, I am definitely more of a Zumba girl than a jogger. That said, if you’ve got a Race For Life coming up, here are my 5 top tips to help get you from couch to 5k…

1. Download an App to help. I used the NHS running plan and it was just the hand holding that I needed to keep me going.

2. Get some proper trainers. The ones I started out in (see the old, grey affairs in main pic) had worn out and the difference I felt when I’d invested in some bouncy new ones (below) was incredible. And I never have to be told twice to do a spot of shopping, even if it is just for trainers!

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3. Comfy Running gear helps. Like the tip above – it’s an excuse to go shopping – embrace it! I found it really annoying when I first started as I was trying to hold my old leggings up to prevent my enthusiastic belly wobble from spilling over the top. Not a good look!

4. Download some high energy music to run to. When I first started training, I realised I had a mixture of my three children’s favourite songs and so I’d have Eminem swearing down my ear one minute and Barbra Streisand’s Don’t Rain on My Parade belting out the next. I must admit to some quite impressive high-kicking to this last one much to the amusement of the Postie, who I didn’t see hiding in my door way as I ran home!

5. Enlist the help of a jogging buddy. I found that it was much easier to run with a friend who was a more experience jogger than me. Having a little chat as we ran around the river meant my mind was taken off the exertion of the exercise and it made the time go quicker. Also, I found that I didn’t want to let my friend down by stopping, so it was the best motivation to keep going.

I hope this tips help any newbie joggers out there – and for those of you more experienced runners, feel free to share your tips on making jogging easier and more enjoyable!


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