What Does it Mean to be Nearly 50?

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I’ve been invited to quite a few 50th birthday parties this year and am thinking about what to do next year when I reach that milestone too. It’s got me thinking…when you were a kid, what did someone of 50 look like to you? To me, someone of 50 years old was ‘almost old’; they weren’t quite my nan – white/grey bubble perm, beige slacks and a dab of Parma Violet Eau de Cologne behind the ears (even though, like most of our nans, mine seemed to look like that from 35 onwards). But 50 definitely wasn’t skinny jeans, converse, leopard print coats, flowing locks, a sprinkling of glitter and a red lip either. Fifty was the lull before the bed-bath. And now?

Here’s 55 year old TV presenter, Lorraine Kelly, who has recently designed a clothing range for JD Williams. I must say, I’m not enamoured with all of the range, but there are some nice pieces and a few pairs of stylish shoes that took my fancy. But more than poring over the clothes, I was well impressed with Lorraine’s youthful figure – look at her arms! Toned and looking like the arms of a woman half her age. She looks great!

Nowadays we see over 50s everyday who make us balk at how amazing they look. You know who I’m talking about don’t you…Kim Cattrall, Sharon Stone, Elle Mcpherson – the usual suspects…and don’t get us started on the over 60s/70s and even 80s – they’re even more incredible…hello Sophia Loren, Helen Mirren, Dame Judi Dench!

But can I just say, it isn’t all about what the over 50s look like – a lot of celebrities have the money and privilege to be first in line for the the latest fitness and beauty treatments. Looking good is easier for them than for us mere mortals who might not have the budget or the beauty and fashion dream team on speed-dial. But more than looks, it’s how they feel. It’s the vigour for life, the chutzpah and the fact they’re living life along the lines of ‘I am who I am, I will be who I am and do what I like and wear what I like, whether I’m 20 or 50, 60 and so on!’ 

This ageless attitude seems to go for us real women too. In my own life, looking around at friends and acquaintances, this fab at fifty-plus vibe is definitely not just the reserve of celebs…

Take my mate, Liz for example (I wrote about her here) She’s 58 and coming up for retirement from her stressful job as a Purser at BA and is she looking forward to putting her feet up? NO! Well, she’s looking forward to more freedom, but she’s also wondering ‘what’s next?’ She’s way too full of energy and spirit to pull on the beige slacks – she’s thinking of her next adventure and possibly starting a business or retraining. And why not?

As for the idea of fashion taking a backseat, that doesn’t seem to be happening nearing to 50 either. In fact, I was just having a chat with my 52 year old friend Jane in the park about the comfort/style value of her navy suede Adidas sneakers (that she wears with her skinnies and looks incredible!)

And just take a look at any of our wonderful fashion bloggers who are post 40 and some 50 plus such as gorgeous 40-something Catherine Summers from Not Dressed As Lamb and 50-something Laurie, Grandma of six (!)  from Vanity & Me to name just a couple – I’d be here all day long if I were to mention all of my glam favourite bloggers and Instagrammers! There really are lots more lovely ladies ‘of a certain age’ showcasing how fabulous they look and proving how they are NOT giving up anything – be it long hair (moi), red lips or leopard print (me, again). Why should we? Just because of some silly old, outdated rule that probably a whipper snapper of 30-something made up one day because she couldn’t handle the fact that we ‘oldies’ are rocking whatever we wear…and we DON’T CARE! Ha!

And it’s not just our attitude towards our looks that’s changing. It’s the way we now embrace exercise and healthy eating in a bid to keep ourselves as fit and vibrant as possible as we age. I know at my gym there are lots of mature men and women working out regularly (me and Stressed Husband for starters). I’ve also found that fitness professionals over the age of 50 aren’t unusual anymore – and they’re just as full of energy as their younger counterparts! And I can understand why; seeing as research shows we are living longer – don’t you want to be kicking a football around with the grandkids and enjoying yourself on the dance floor for many years to come? I know I do!

But back to the question ‘What Does It Mean To Be Nearly 50?’ Well, it certainly doesn’t look and feel like it did a couple of generations ago, that’s for sure. So, I’ll leave you with this little quote that I found on Pinterest that sums it up for me quite nicely…


So my young-at-heart lovelies, what does being nearly 50 mean to you? Let me know in the comments below!  ❤ ❤ ❤

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  1. vanityandmeblog
    October 10, 2016 / 12:38 pm

    What a fabulous post ! Thank you so much for the mention . I have had so much more fun since hitting 50 ! Age is just a number and I will hopefully still be into fashion in my 80’s just like my mother.Thank you xx

    • Glowology
      October 10, 2016 / 4:15 pm

      Thank you Laurie! I do enjoy your blog and your style! I’m so glad it just gets better for us…I’m depending on it and from the women I meet everyday, it looks as if life is what you make it and being 50 is definitely stopping any of us doing (and wearing) what we enjoy! Many thanks for commenting xxx

  2. November 25, 2016 / 8:15 pm

    Loved reading this Lisa, so positive, and so TRUE! I’ve just hit the big five O, but I’m actually pleased, yet I was dreading the next milestone at 29! We all change and grow as we get older, wiser..ha, sometimes. I’ve heard some women worry about getting to 50 but, we should celebrate it. Hell my Mum has more energy than me at almost 70 and looks fab with it, she’s not worried about age and just keep going.
    Yes, celebs have money to look better and can afford a better life in most cases ‘Jen Blogs’ can too, just on a budget and no PA, haha. Your friend leaving her big job soon sounds excited, imagine.. a new start with more knowledge and endless opportunities

    I just worry about having illness, it does tend to get worse over the years..but it doesn’t stop me being young at heart, doing pilates (when i can), or wearing my skinnies, sneakers and a smokey eye. Women were put in boxes with labels on years ago, thank goodness we have pushed through those boundaries and cliches. I love the take on fifties from Lois Barrett..here, here.

    We can actually start being who we want to be, and hopefully run rings round some the young gals too!
    H x

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