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If any of you have been following my Instagram or Twitter account (why aren’t you? – get over there now!) then you’ll know that prior to our fabulous USA holiday, we moved house. I know. Again! So a couple of weeks ago (pre holiday glow) my stress levels were through the roof. How high? Let’s just say that, on a scale of 1-10, I was hitting a 12 plus. Alongside work deadlines and busy family life, throwing in a house move which went horribly wrong at the last minute leaving the five of us (including doggy do dah) living out of bags in a hotel, you can imagine, right? Thankfully, we’re in the new home now but – because Stressed Husband seems to like living up to his name – it needs a lot, and I mean a lot of TLC (we’re talking gold walls, red granite worktops with shiny black tiled floor, very weird upholstery) to bring it up to Glowology scratch.

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Not only did this house move throw me out of kilter emotionally – it meant my appearance: nails, makeup and a happy smile went by the wayside too! Style of de jour was baggy trackie bottoms, no makeup and hair scrapped back – catching sight of myself in the mirror I realised I had finally taken the ‘removal guy’ look a little too far. It was an emergency – I needed to get back into the beauty zone but was too exhausted to even leave the hovel house. Luckily, I had a brainwave and called on the services of Milk – a cool new mobile beauty service that heads out to offices or homes to carry out their beauty duties with up to date treatments for time pressed folk. For now they service London, the City and Canary Wharf but they are gaining new clients every day so I’m sure they’ll be extending their reach soon. With a click of the mouse, I booked in a neck and shoulder massage – oh, those aching muscles – I’m not built for lugging boxes! And a quick pedicure to give my gnarly feet a treat.

Mobile beautician Sarah arrived on time, parking her nippy little white Fiat 500 with the fun, stylish Milk logo outside my house. She wore a smart royal blue dress (again with logo) and carried her tools of the trade in bags to match. I told her I had this knot – or knots – any fisherman would be proud of in my upper back. She smiled sympathetically and handed me her iPad and it took just seconds to complete the online consultation form. Much more high tech than paper and pen and so much better for the environment!

Milk mobile beauty car

I got comfy face down on the massage table while Sarah plugged in an electric blanket to keep me warm and snug and switched on some music as she got to work on my achey body with a nice, firm Swedish massage. Unfortunately, while lying face down I noticed the abundance of dog hair and fluff swirling like tumbleweed across the wooden floor and I immediately wanted to apologise for my domestic sluttery. I suppose things like that are the downside of having your beauty treatments at home? Still, I closed my eyes and forced myself to relax and it wasn’t until I woke myself up by snoring that I realised how relaxed the massage had made me! The 30 minutes treatment made me feel so much less tense than I had for a long time.

As Sarah got the pedicure equipment ready, I responded to a couple of emails that came through during the massage – I don’t think I’d do that in a spa so I switched off the phone and tried to get back into salon mode. As Sarah deftly removed my old, chipped polish and magic-ed my feet into soft, show-off condition, we chatted about the extensive range of treatments Milk offers and I made a mental note to book for their clients’ favourite anti-ageing Coffeeberry Facial which sounds wonderful.


Sarah waved me goodbye and I was delighted that I was finally beginning to feel like a new woman – it’s just a shame that the house wasn’t beginning to look as bright and new!

I paid £13 for a quick toe shape up and £25 for a 30 minute back and shoulder massage. These prices were off peak (before 6pm) Peak prices are a little higher and start at 6pm and all day Saturday and Sunday. For information visit call: 020 8981 8289 or email:

 What’s your best way of getting back to your beauty zone?

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