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It was only when I noticed that I was being drawn daily to the same five beauty products that I realised I had to share their wonderfulness with you. I’m lucky to be sent products by some great PRs to review for features I’m writing for women’s magazines or for my blog which means I often swap and change – sometimes trying out as many as 3 or 4 moisturisers in one week. So when I find a product that I keep returning to – you know it’s got to be a goodie. So, without further ado, and in no particular order, I would like to introduce you to my latest Fab Five Beauty Greats…

Garnier Body Oil

Garnier Body Oil Beauty Lotion is my best friend after a shower. While my skin is still slightly damp, a few pumps of this lotion slathered onto the whole body is all I need to keep my skin feeling soft and smelling gorgeous! I love the pump action of this bottle – it’s so quick and easy to use and mess free. It’s great for when I’m in a rush as there’s no faffing around taking off and replacing lids so it means I’ve got no excuse not to just ‘pump and go’! It contains 4 nourishing oils: Argan, Macadamia, Almond and Rose which help to replenish the skin with moisture and protect it from drying out. On the back of the bottle it says that during a 1 week consumer test taken by 41 women, 95% agreed there was a noticeable smoothness to skin and 78% noticed a visible difference in radiance. What’s more, it’s only £6.99 and one bottle lasts for yonks!

excuviance cleansing creme

Next up is Exuviance Gentle Cleansing Creme. This is from a dermatologist developed skincare range which I hadn’t heard about until I received this product as one of the amazing freebies at the brilliant Antonia Mariconda’s Beauty Blogger’s Workshop which I wrote about here.

Now, this came at quite an opportune time for me because (and here’s where I tell you my sordid secret) I’ve been trying to wean myself off cleansing with facial wipes. Yep, I’ve admitted it. I feel like I should be thrown into a beauty editor’s prison alongside those who secretly forgo the SPF30 or trim their own fringes with toenail scissors! So, I grabbed the chance of trying this and you know what? It’s so lovely that I’ve finally given up those skin drying facial wipes for good…or until the next time I have a  late night and can’t be bothered…shhh.

My dry, sensitive skin has blossomed over the few weeks I’ve been using this cleanser. After applying it to moistened skin I massage it in so that the soothing ingredients like extracts of Cucumber Fruit, Rosemary Leaf and Aloe Leaf condition while the anti ageing ingredient Polyhydroxy Acid (PHA) protects and hydrates. It’s great for all skin types and if you’ve been looking for a gentle, anti ageing cleanser that can remove all traces of makeup and still leave skin feeling fresh, clean and soft, you can stop looking. This is it! It’s a bit pricey at around £39 but its a very high quality product which works wonderfully and what’s better is I’ve just found it on offer for £29.50 at

mark hill shampoo

Mark Hill Little Hottie Does It All Everyday Shampoo is one of those handy little tubes that you can chuck in a gym bag or take away on holiday and it’s a formula that suits all hair types. It’s the ideal every day shampoo and all five of us in my family have used it and loved it – even my 18 year old son who is very particular about his haircare! I really like its light, slightly fruity fragrance and the fact that it contains a heat protector and seems to moisturise my dry hair enough so that I only need a small dollop of conditioner afterwards to leave it feeling in good condition. Being so small – and cheap at £1.99, I need to stock up and I think I’ll get a few for all the family

moisture serum

Rajeunir Moisture Serum is what I would term a ‘hero’ product. A hero product is what lots of women’s magazines and big beauty companies are now calling their favourite beauty finds – basically, it’s a product which rises above the rest. A bit like how some models have now become super rather than just models – but whatever, this is definitely one of mine! As you can see, I’ve nearly finished this tube. I fell in love with it on my recent American road trip and it’s been part of my skincare regime since then. I was asked by its lovely PR to try this and so I took it to America – along with another huge amount of creams and lotions – and found that by the end of the 14 day holiday, this was the one that I kept going back to. Why? Well, first and foremost it’s easy to use because it’s formulated to be a 5 in 1 product – day cream, night cream, eye cream, serum and primer meaning, if I’d read the label properly, I wouldn’t even have had to take all those other creams on holiday with me!

serum swatch

This moisture serum feels like a gel and lotion in one and smoothes on like a velvety textured primer. I found my skin – especially after having quite a bit of sun exposure – would drink this up and be left feeling supple and smooth. Its host of specially formulated ingredients are too many to name in one post but just some of the purposes they serve are to add plumpness to the skin, smooth fine lines, strengthen and neutralise environmental pollutants. It really suits my 47 year old skin and I think it’s a must-have for any over 40 to keep in their cosmetic drawer. Another pricey one at £42 from but I know I’ll be forking out for it once this tube is over!

vitage colour minerals blush pot

Vitage Colour Minerals Natural Lip & Cheek Colour in Love Poppy is one of those useful little double duty products (you can see this post has a theme – I love a product that can solve more than one beauty dilemma!) that my life is all about. It’s quick, easy and makes me look and feel better when I use it. Full stop. The Vitage range of makeup uses only natural minerals with no preservatives or chemicals and the strength of the colour pigment in this little pot is incredible. As you can see from the colour and swatch above, only a tiny little bit is needed to give cheeks a healthy flush. For lips I dab it on with my finger and use a clear gloss over the top and in an instant I look ready to go. The pots cost £16 and you can find them here.

So, I hope you enjoyed this round up of my Fab Five Beauty Greats as much as I’ve enjoyed telling you about them. If you’ve got any beauty must-haves please let me know – there’s always room in my makeup box for more! See you soon. x


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