No Needle Mesotherapy at Aurora Spa Chiswick

Working with a forward-thinking beauty salon and spa like Aurora Spa Chiswick isn’t much of a chore, as you can imagine. Especially, when you get a call from them to ask if you would try one of their latest treatments. This time I was asked to be a guinea pig for No Needle Mesotherapy – and there were only two replies worth stating: ‘Yes please’ and ‘Hell Yes!’ I used them both and ran off to the salon to see what it was all about…


What is Mesotherapy?

First of all, let me explain that – most commonly – Mesotherapy is a minimally invasive treatment using fine injections of vitamins, minerals and a cocktail of amino acids which are delivered into the mesodermal layer of the skin, flooding the cells with nourishment and moisture to rejuvenate and brighten the complexion. At the same time, this procedure stimulates the production of elastin and collagen – responsible for the skin cells’ plump and bounce.

Sounds fab, right? But when I think of needles – in my face – I admit I wince a little. So, when Aurora Spa said they are offering NO NEEDLE Mesotherapy, I couldn’t wait to find out more.

How Does Mesotherapy Work Without Needles?

After a wonderfully deep cleanse and a peel-off mask to get my skin in optimum condition, ready to receive all those fabulous skin-boosting goodies, Charis, one of Aurora’s lovely therapists, used a special machine that delivers a pulsed, low frequency electrical current in a particular waveform. This ionizes the molecules in the active ingredients of the serums used and creates small channels in the skin for the ingredients to travel deep into the skin’s cells. The hand-held head of the device is charged and as it moves across the skin it ‘pushes’ the ingredients’ molecules to permeate into the channels to the subcutaneous level of the skin, providing all the benefits of needle Mesotherapy, but without the possibility of bruising or downtime. Very clever!

How does the treatment feel?

The initial cleanse, tone and exfoliate is a skin prep precursor to the ‘electroporation’ segment – and this is where the magic happens. For me, it felt a bit sensitive in places. I describe it as a lesser version of that metallic twinge you get when tin foil touches a filling! Don’t panic – it really is bearable – and only feels slightly uncomfortable when certain areas are rolled over with the hand-held device. Put it this way, Charis had to ask me if I was still with with her 20 minutes into the facial as I’d dozed off! The final application of a luxury mask – to further enhance the products used with the electroporation – was such a treat and I felt totally pampered.

What Ingredients were used in the treatment?

Throughout the treatment, my face was literally being drenched with wonderfully scented elixirs and serums.  All of the Yellow Rose Cosmetic Skincare products used are formulated with the highest quality natural raw materials combined with the latest developments in cosmetic science and are jam-packed with potent active ingredients. To resurface and brighten up my dehydrated sun-kissed (more like sun-snogged) skin, my chosen skincare ‘cocktail’ consisted of Hyaluronic and Marine Collagen Microspheres (wrinkle fillers) to increase the volume of moisture in the skin cells and plump it up. The Collagen Beauty Elixir serum fights expression lines and gives a ‘Botox-like-effect’ (see pics below -you be the judge of that) and VitaMinerals – an intense blend of antioxidants and minerals were also used to protect, tone and super-nourish.

My Verdict

I’d asked therapists Charis and Lila whether I would walk out looking like a ravaged tomato after the treatment and they had assured me there would be no downtime, though they recommended that due to the stimulation my skin had received and the barrage of active ingredients delivered in the treatment, it would be better to go makeup free until the next day as my skin might be slightly reactive. A peek in the mirror afterwards left me delighted that my fine lines had disappeared (hello ‘Botox-like’ effect!) deeper wrinkles were much improved, but the best bit? For me, it was the texture and tone of my skin – it was smooth, pores had shrunk significantly and the discolouration from a patchy tan had been really evened out. The fact that the low-frequency electrical current lifts and refreshes the skin was evident too. I was intrigued to find out that No Needle Mesotherapy can also be used on the body to tighten and firm saggy skin, improve cellulite and to diminish scarring and stretch marks. Hmmm, maybe that’s for my next ‘operation beauty guinea pig!’

The morning after treatment – no ‘angry 11’ line between the brows and a smooth forehead! Not to mention full-beam glow!

A week later, still got a glow, fine lines a bit more noticeable than a day or two after but still softer than before the treatment. Makeup is going on much more smoothly and I am still enjoying the results!

Prices and Details

Aurora Spa Chiswick charge £130 for a 90 minute treatment and it’s suitable for all skin types. I’d highly recommend it if you’re concerned with expression lines, pigmentation, loss of elasticity and dehydration (I have all of those and they were all improved!) A one off treatment is great skin glow-up if you have it a day before a ‘red carpet’ event, or in my case, a night out at the pub with Stressed Husband (even he noticed my sparkle!) but I would say, a course of 3-6 treatments – 1 per month or 6 weeks apart would make a major difference to the health and appearance of your complexion.

* Disclaimer: As freelance social media content creator for Aurora Spa, I am often asked to try new treatments and services that the salon offers so that I can describe and write about them authentically for their audience and clients. Of course, getting to try beauty treatments is a great perk of the job! However, I am not paid to write about them for my blog – nor am I under any obligation to do so. The reason that I have (and I have here before) is because I believe they will be of interest to my fabulous Glowology readers!

SPECIAL OFFER: Aurora Spa Chiswick is offering Glowology readers 20% off a single treatment if you mention my blog. And if you’re looking to book a course of treatments, you can book 5 and get the 6th free. 







  1. February 4, 2020 / 11:41 am

    Lisa. Your skin looks bloody amazing! I can’t wait to try this! xx

    • Glowology
      February 4, 2020 / 4:11 pm

      Hiya Laurie

      Thanks Laurie – I was impressed! You NEED to try this! Speak to Cath at Aurora and I’m sure they will sort you out 🙂 xx

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