Say NO To The Scroll And Make Your Mornings Happier

When I find ways and means of bringing a little bit of joy and fun from things that I come across, I need to share it with you. I mean, we all need a little bit more joy at the moment in these crazy days, right? And we all  need to let each other know what’s helping us to feel good, look good and just live life a little happier. Don’t keep these things to yourself, spread those smiles and they’ll multiply! So, what is the one thing that we are all addicted to and yet it is actually one of the biggest joy suckers for us all? The phone – primarily, social media.

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To do my job the best I can, it depends upon me being online and on social media for a large amount of time – or at least giving the impression that I’m constantly ‘on it.’ So, even when I’m trying to have a little time out – watching a movie or having dinner with the family, the phone is a constant, looming presence in the background. Even on silent, it manages to permeate through these ‘no gadget’ times with conversation turning to “oh, did you read that post on Instagram?” Or “Have you heard that new singer on YouTube?” Our lives are so intertwined with what we see and hear on our phones, they have become an extension of ourselves.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? I bet most of you said, ‘reach for my phone.’ And I used to be exactly the same. Did you see what I said there? I used to be exactly the same. But now, there is one simple trick which I learnt from Mel Robbins, CNN commentator, television host, author, and motivational speaker (what did I do before Mel?) and it’s this:


Before you go to sleep, put your phone on silent and, if like me, you need to know you can be contacted during the night if you’re needed – ie, you have kidults who go out until all hours and may need to get in touch to let you know they’re safe at 4.30am…or they’ve had to much to drink and…ah, that’s a whole other blog post! Basically, just put your phone on silent for texts and emails, only allowing calls and tell anyone you think may need to ever contact you at night to call if urgent. Then, put your phone outside your room or away from your bed, so there is no sleep-sapping blue light waking you when you should be snoozing. Be fair, do you really need your phone right next to you at night? I mean, it’s not a comfort like a lovely, soft teddy bear – it’s more of a hindrance, like a scary, annoying robot! Move it.


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Then comes the most life-changing bit…In the morning, you don’t look at your phone. What?! Yep, you heard me. LEAVE YOUR PHONE ALONE! Get out of bed and go about your daily routine – shower, breakfast, coffee and then sit down for 10 minutes and write your tasks for the day ahead and 1 or 2 things that you can do that you know are going to make you feel good ie, call a friend who makes you laugh, do 10 minutes of exercise, buy a new lipstick – whatever it is. Write those feel-good things down along with 1 or 2 ways that you are going to work on something that will help you achieve your goals/dreams. ie, mine might be, make sure I write a paragraph of the novel I’m working on or read up on how to find an agent for my impending book. It doesn’t have to be anything that you find too taxing such as, write 5 chapters, do a 2 hour HIIT workout – that will just put you off. As I said, just 1 or 2 ‘little’ things that will chip away and get you closer to your dreams and goals. You’ll feel a sense of achievement, no matter how small and that always feels good!


Now, once you’ve written that stuff down (in a paper notebook, not on your notes in the phone!) you’re ready for the day ahead and you have a clear mind. And guess what? When you do finally pick up your phone and start the day, you’ll be feeling balanced and clear of mind and you’ll realise your head isn’t full of ‘negative noise’ such as what Sandra on Facebook is eating on her boyfriend’s new million pound yacht in the Seychelles, or how Brenda has run 50,000 miles and downed a gallon of Kale smoothie before getting to the desk at her high-flying job in the City! Your brain won’t be full of the ‘who-gives-a-shit-drama’ and you will feel SO.MUCH.BETTER.


I wake up at 7, do my thing and then go out of the door at 8 for the dog walk and within that time, I might have replied to an urgent WhatsApp message or two, but that is it. No social platforms, no drama, just a feeling that I have my day planned and my brain free from ‘stuff’ that I really don’t need. Not saying that my day will go to plan mind you, but I feel without all the negative or mind messing pointless news that scrolling through social media first thing leaves me with, I’m definitely giving my day – and my positive mindset – more of a chance!

Give the morning NO SCROLL rule a go – and let me know how you get on!


  1. March 18, 2019 / 3:01 pm

    A good manta here Lisa. I rarely pick my phone up unless I need to post. I post and then move on. But, and this is what niggles me, I always feel guilty because I haven’t picked up! Sad huh? xx

    • Glowology
      March 20, 2019 / 10:46 am

      Hi Laurie – you do really well not to be beholden to your phone! And the post and move on is a good way to be. I find I get sucked into a vortex if I stay scrolling longer than a minute or 2 and huge amounts of time can pass. Trying hard not to do this and by making my mornings scroll-free is at least a start! Don’t feel guilty by the way – you’ve got the right idea! Lisa xx

  2. Tracey
    March 19, 2019 / 8:50 am

    Oh crikey, this is a tall ask no, lol?! I don’t think I could leave my phone at night outside of my bedroom but it is in a closed drawer – does that count? ;). I laugh but there’s truth here. You’re absolutely right, our mobiles have become an extension of ourselves and when social media is your job it’s easier (perhaps) to justify the argument that “I need to be on my phone, always”. It’s not healthy but social media is like a drug and once you’re hooked… Great topic to cover in a post Lisa and one I suspect will remain current for a very long time. Xxx

    • Glowology
      March 20, 2019 / 10:49 am

      Thanks for your comment Tracey! Yes, I really do think our phones (social media) is like a drug – worryingly. Putting your phone in the drawer is a really good idea – just don’t have it beeping at all times and also – try not to get on it until your ‘work day’ has started. I’m going to try and set allotted times just for the phone and then leave it thereafter and see what happens. Wish me luck! Hehe. Lisa xx

  3. March 29, 2019 / 3:44 pm

    Such a good post Lisa! Although I am really good at night and don’t touch my phone, in the morning, I tend to get straight on the iPad in bed with my morning brew (unless my head is bursting, then its a no, no). A little later, I’m on the phone scrolling and its just not good. Not only is it time wasting, it can be really de-constructive! I find myself doing the comparison cr*p and end up feeling guilty that i haven’t blogged or posted amazing content!
    *Note to self*..practice better management of time and social media! Advice I needed to hear hun.
    H x

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