Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil for Big Health and Beauty Benefits

As a child, I used to look up to my mum as if she was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen – I still do! The waft of her Rive Gauche fragrance as she glammed up at her dressing table, ready to go out on the town with dad, the perfect roast dinners she made on a Sunday and her health and beauty rituals such as massaging in a face-full of cold cream before sleeping and the sharing out of spoonfuls of Cod Liver Oil with the family.

Fast-forward about 40 years and I guess I’ve taken on many of my gorgeous, 76 year old mum’s traits, including the daily Cod Liver Oil! Ever since becoming interested in finding the best, most practical, ways of looking and feeling fabulous as we age, I understand that a daily dose of cod liver oil is a great place to start. And thankfully, Seven Seas capsules are on hand to make improving our health, a doddle.

Seven_Seas_Cod_Liver_oilFor the past 80 years Seven Seas has been a brand synonymous with healthy living and for many of us, reaching for their nutritional supplements has been an easy and trusted way to ensure we’re topping up the nutrients we get from our every day diet. Seven Seas has revamped their Cod Liver Oil with eye-catching new packaging and renamed it, Seven Seas Simply Timeless Cod Liver Oil.

For Seven Seas stalwarts like my mum and me, there’s no need to worry about the changes because the new improved packaging doesn’t mean a change to the classic formulation – well, you can’t beat a formulation that Mother Nature intended! The combination still offers the same simple goodness in every drop with its easily absorbed, rich blend of Omega-3 fish oil and Vitamin D being particularly beneficial for supporting bones, vision and brain function among others body and mind positives.

Seven Seas has invited me on a Cod Liver Oil crusade and I’ll be trialling the one-a-day capsules of Simply Timeless Cod Liver Oil over the next few weeks to see how it makes me look and feel. And if my beautiful, energetic mum is anything to go by – I’m looking forward to seeing the results.

You know that old saying ‘mother knows best?’ It happens to be true!

Seven Seas Simply Timeless Cod Liver Oil One-a-Day 120 capsules are available from;

Boots, £8.95 (now 3 for 2!

Superdrug, £8.99 (3for2 on selected vitamins)

Additional stockists: Asda, Sainsbury’s, Ocado, Tesco, Morrisons, Waitrose and Amazon.

For more information on Seven Seas you can go to Facebook: @SevenSeasUK; Twitter: @SevenSeaslife and hashtag #TRUEAGE

#TRUEAGE inspires you to live the age you feel, rather than your biological age and here at Glowology, we are all about that! You can find out more at

This post is sponsored by Seven Seas but opinions are my own.




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