Smooth Wrinkles in your Sleep with CurrentBody x Dr Harris Anti-Wrinkle Mask

Today, I am delighted to bring you some forehead wrinkle-smoothing wizadry news with The Current Body X Dr Harris Anti-Wrinkle Mask. So for those of you that have furrows between the brows or forehead lines that look more wavy and deeper than the sea, this one is for you…

Firstly, let me explain why my coveted Current Body X Dr Harris Anti-Wrinkle Eye Mask has been stolen by #StressedHusband – well, it’s because he saw how it gave me a forehead so smooth it looked like I’d had Botox as well as inducing the best night sleep of my life. So, even though the mask lives his side of the bed now (his need is greater than mine – he wins the furrowed brow competition because of all that stress 😉 – I still love it and think you will too…

Simply pop it on when you’re off to sleep, then gently press the middle of the forehead to ensure that the silicone dots are in place and then r-e-l-a-x. When you wake up the next day, you’ll discover a smoother, less lined forehead, softer eleven lines between the brown and you’ll look more energised because you’ve had a lovely, restful sleep.

Here is my big shiny forehead first thing in the morning after wearing the mask – age spots, open pores, but not many lines for 54 years old.

You can pop over to my Instagram to watch a little video I uploaded where I also let you into some of my Face Yoga techniques which help to keep tension out of the forehead and smooth away lines, preventing new ones from forming. And do excuse the video cutting off so abruptly – technical problems (ie, I’m just not good at editing) but I think you’ll get the gist. 

A few little points on this wonder mask’s magic:

  • Dr. Harris had his eureka moment on a long-haul flight from London to Toronto. He was feeling particularly stressed during the journey, and after being handed a sleep mask, he was trying to stop himself from frowning while wearing it. He realised that if only the mask could stop him from frowning and could help him to relax, he would be able to sleep better and stop wrinkles from forming at the same time. A-ha! He decided to make a super-pimped up sleep mask that doubles as a wrinkle-relaxer. 
  • It looks like a regular albeit comfier and plusher eye mask you’d find at a spa or on a plane – but don’t let that fool you because it has hidden talents.
  • You can use it as a 15-minute relaxing treatment to give up to 5 hours of wrinkle reduction and mental relaxation. I found overnight is better though for full effect.
  • Dr Harris is a top aesthetic professional whose skill with the Botox needle is legendary so he knew exactly where to place the little silicon dots on the mask to target the sensory receptors in the face, aiding relaxation and optimum wrinkle-smoothing. The mask is clinically proved to reduce wrinkles by up to 64% after wearing. They do return eventually – it isn’t permanent like Botox, but I feel that the more you wear it, the longer they stay away and it’s a great, natural solution to improving lines.

If you’d like to find out more about the Current Body X Dr Harris Anti-Wrinkle Mask, click here  It costs £89.99 and because I am such a fan, Current Body have given me a code that you can use at the checkout – simply add CBGLOWOLOGY and you’ll get a free Hyaluronic Acid Serum worth £15 from their best selling skincare line.

Here’s to many smooth forehead days ahead – oh, and a word of warning, you may need to buy a mask for your partner too! And why you are at it, why not book in a Face Yoga lesson with me and we will do a double-whammy on improving those wrinkles together.  


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