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I don’t know about you but I find that the tiniest peek of sun and my skin starts to look a hundred times better. I know I’m lucky to have skin which tans easily – even though I do make sure I slap on the sunscreen daily – but those bugbears like undereye shadows and blemishes in general, just seem to improve when your face has a sunkissed hue. I’m all for keeping it natural and going back to basics with a healthy looking complexion come the summer months – letting skin breathe with lighter coverage and just a few summer staples…

hello beautiful selfridges A trip into town for a work related meeting (yay! Lots of work coming my way and I’ll be talking about it here on the blog soon) meant a trip to Selfridges. This, to me, is like walking into a wonderland of fabulousness: every where you turn there is something that – if you don’t buy it now – means your life will have no importance. I don’t know why I come over all spoilt Veruca Salt in Selfridges (or Harvey Nics for that matter) but I think it’s to do with not seeing such loveliness every day. I mean, my local High Road is nice, but it’s not going to set the glamourati alight. And while I flurried around, tongue dangling out the side of my mouth, past the rows of clothes/jewellery/makeup/interiors that I couldn’t afford – but needed so much, I took a little stop at the Clarins section. I knew I had to satisfy the shopaholic in me but also keep my purse (and Stressed Husband) happy and because Clarins is such a lovely, luxe brand, I knew I would feel as if I’d treated myself. Clarins BB cream I was on the lookout for a tinted moisturiser but came across a new product, Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream and, although at first I thought ‘not another BB cream’, which is funny because that’s exactly the marketing line that Clarins have used to launch this product as I’m sure they thought that it’s what everyone will be thinking – until they tried it. Once the sales assistant tried it on me (medium shade) I also felt differently. It felt moisturising and slightly thicker than a few of the BB creams I’ve tried and it also covered imperfections and gave me a glow at the same time. Its SPF 25 is an added bonus too. It is at the higher price range at £30 but I think it’s worth it for medium, summery coverage with a hint of a tint that really evens out the skintone.

STOP PRESS: Just seen a discount on the Clarins BB cream here for £24! Grab it while you can!

I’m happy wearing the Clarins BB cream on its own but when I want to look even more glowing, I go back to an old faithful which always does the job of making me look as if I’ve just got back from a week in the sun – or because we’ve been so lucky with the weather – even had a staycay in my own back garden! The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Gel for Face can be used alone or, as I prefer, applied with fingers on top of BB cream onto the places where the sun hits such as cheekbones, temples and bridge of nose. The fact that it washes off at the end of the day means you can’t really make any fake tanning mistakes. At £12 I think it’s a great buy. creamy concealer While I’m on the subject of makeup that really helps improve the look of your skin, there’s another favourite I luckily acquired while writing a feature for online magazine which you can read here. Due to the way the feature was subbed (that’s when the sub editors take what you’ve written and cut or amend to fit it onto the page or to keep the feature in house style), Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Concealer sadly didn’t make it into the article. I wanted to mention it because to me – and my daughters who have taken it and pretended they haven’t but got caught out – it really shows its quality by the way it delivers. I use a tiny brush to paint onto spots or use my finger to pat it onto dark circles and those dreaded spider veins at the side of the nose. I love that the texture is creamy and highly pigmented which means it covers fantastically but won’t sit in creases – great for those of us over a certain age! A pricey one at £19 here at House of Fraser but I wouldn’t be without it now.

My favourite summer beauty finds are quite extensive – is it obvious how much I love summer, the sunshine and summer makeup? So, I’ll be telling you about the rest of the best soon. In the meantime… Have a fabulous summer and enjoy the gorgeous weather!

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