The Balancing Act

When I was in my 20s and 30s and the kids were little, my life was a whirlwind of small child drop-offs to the childminder, commutes to central London for a long day’s work in a succession of glamorous, yet demanding, magazine jobs. Evenings were spent catching up with friends and Stressed Husband as well as fitting in bonding time with the children to see how their day had been without mummy. I was working full time – mostly from an office but after baby number two, as a freelancer from home. Yet I still made sure I was at every school event, the kids took part in lots of activity classes and I got involved and joined in regularly on the ‘mummy circuit’ in my local community. When I look back I remember being blissfully happy with my lot and I coped really well with such a busy life; working and having little kids was what I did and I just got on with it.

When Little Teen was around 3 years old, I decided to take advantage of the fact that, after years of hard work, Stressed Husband’s business was finally doing well enough to support us all. It felt like the perfect time for me to slow down on the work front and jump into mummy-hood full time. Giving up work wasn’t a decision I made because I didn’t enjoy it, it was simply because I had the choice to experience being a full time stay at home mum and I decided that I would make the most of it and think about going back to work when the children were older…

And now here I am. It is that time. The kids are older and I am now choosing to dive in – or at least dip my toe cautiously – and kick start my career again. What’s different this time around? Well, I seem to have lost the ability to balance! I don’t mean physically – since regular Pilates classes, I can almost out one-leg-stand a flamingo –  no, I mean emotionally and mentally I’m as wobbly as jelly. You’d think now the kids are older and can fend for themselves (haha – very funny) I would be more organised, the housework could be fitted in around emailing possible clients, networking would be a doddle and my idea pitches to magazine editors would receive an influx of commissions. I thought it would only take a little while and I’d be back to being that old Me…the together, on top of it all, got it sussed, Working Mother. Well, that’s not exactly how it’s been. In fact, to say getting this new stage of my life running smoothly has been a bit of a struggle, is an understatement…

But, you know me, I’m not one to give in or let negativity get the better of me. Well, I wouldn’t be able to encompass the Glowology ethos if I didn’t find a way to look on the bright side would I? So, while I was snivelling through yet another bout of stress induced flu, I squared up to my puffy faced, snotty nosed reflection and gave myself a good talking to (yep, out loud like a mad woman) and told myself that things would get easier and the work would come if I got more organised, if I explained to the kids I would no longer be at their beck and call and if I believed in my ability. And I need to remember, all because I’ve been out of the work saddle for a while, it doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten how to ride…just that I might wobble on the stabilisers a little before I build up to a two wheeler.

This time next year I’ll be riding a unicycle!


  1. March 26, 2014 / 6:39 pm

    Never easy getting back to work 🙂 but a great confidence booster in the end to get your life back poppet 🙂 as well as still being Mummy and Wife to Stressed Husband 🙂

    • Glowology
      March 26, 2014 / 6:56 pm

      You’re right Tina! I love writing so it’s silly not to! I think it’s good for the kids to see me as a working woman too x

  2. March 26, 2014 / 9:22 pm

    I am sure once you get your first commission, the old confidence will come flooding back! It’s like most things you love but havn’t done for a while…..when you do do it, the passion floods back and the adranlaine starts pumping again!xx

    • Glowology
      March 26, 2014 / 9:55 pm

      Thanks for reading! You’re right about the passion coming back. I do love writing and I’ve got a couple of commissions coming through so all exciting here! I just need to stop thinking everything has to happen straight away – I need to take my own advise and breathe! X

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