The BodyVie Signature Facial

A few months back, just before my life hit the wall -literally, the bricks and plaster were falling everywhere – I was invited along to try out a facial at Richmond’s BodyVie Medi-Clinic. It came at the right time, not only was the winter weather playing havoc with my skin but stress had made it the worse it’s been in a long time.



Even though I only live a stones’ throw from beautiful Richmond, I’d never ventured into the salons that way and I was pleasantly surprised at the range of treatments available at BodyVie – from hard hitting skincare solutions such as celebrities favourite Vampire Therapy (find out more about it here), Botox and filler to the latest body treatments like Aqualyx Fat Dissolving Treatment. Plus the clinic was recently decorated so it was as pristine and fresh as the glowing complexions on the models in their brochure!


On arrival, I met the lovely Helen who was the skincare expert looking after me and we immediately hit it off. Apart from sharing a passion for looking good and feeling fabulous as we age, we discussed everything from my skin concerns, both being working mums, bringing up kids and the importance of making time to enjoy life. As a beauty journalist, I have placed my face in many a therapist’s hands and as Helen talked about the Signature Facial I was about to have, I could tell that as BodyVie’s Senior Medical Aesthetician, Helen’s experience with skin was second to none.

After cleansing my face, Helen went to work on my scaly skin with microdermabrasion which uses crystals to gently rid the skin of dead cells and helps enhance circulation, improve tone and texture and allows more effective penetration of subsequent skincare products during the treatment. It wasn’t a relaxing experience but I’ve had microdermabrasion before and know that the slight discomfort is worth it for the skin smoothing results.

Next, Helen applied a mask for ‘mature’ skins even though, after a thorough inspection, she deemed my skin much younger than 47! Slapping on the SPF 30 and a good, daily skincare routine has obviously paid off! I was chuffed 🙂 The mineral rich Brazilian clay mask contained, among skin regenerating Vitamin C and Co Enzyme Q10, DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol) which is a compound found in high levels in sardines and anchovies said to improve the elasticity and moisture levels in the skin. I thought it smelt a bit fishy – by that I mean it actually smelt of fish – not that I thought there was something suspicious going on! As the mask worked on my skin, drawing out impurities and lavishing it with goodness, Helen left me to relax for 10 minutes.

Once the mud mask had been removed with warm water my skin was feeling a little tight and itchy but that was soon remedied with an application of a rich moisturiser that contained a cocktail of Vitamins A, C and E – all powerful antioxidants which help protect skin against free radical damage from pollution and certain lifestyle factors such as smoking, stress and unhealthy foods. A small hand held probe emitting sound waves was then used which Helen said helps push the ingredients deeper into the dermal layers of the skin to promote cellular renewal and plump up lines and wrinkles. It sounded a bit squeaky and felt warm on my skin but didn’t hurt at all.

After a swift but lovely shiatsu neck and head massage and an application of sunblock, Helen had done her job. Pink and tingly my skin may have been when I left BodyVie (See main picture of me doing a good impression of a grinning lobster!) but the next day, my complexion looked tighter, smoother and, I think, younger!

Helen’s Top Skincare Tips

* At BodyVie they use Dr Weber’s bespoke, pharmaceutical-grade skincare line which is top quality and helps gives clients the results they’re after. But, Helen recommends that with whatever skincare you choose, it’s worth buying a moisturiser that contains Vitamins C and A to normalise skin cells, protect and repair.

* Always, always wear a sunblock – even on cloudy days. That said, Helen appreciates that lack of sunlight can cause deficiency in Vitamin D which is vital for keeping our bones healthy and our mood levels up so suggests having a simple blood test at the GP incase you need a supplement.

* Invest in a dermaroller. These little facial rollers have hundreds of very fine steel needles which perforate the skin and stimulate collagen production, improve cell renewal and allow ingredients in skincare to penetrate deeply. Helen recommends using a dermaroller at home 2 or 3 times a week. CAUTION: There are different grades of roller and needle size varies so I would suggest you contact a reputable skincare salon or clinic such as BodyVie and book in for a dermaroller facial before buying one and trying it yourself at home.

Thank you BodyVie for inviting me in for your Signature Facial – I hope to see you again soon! 

An hour Signature Facial Costs £80 at BodyVie Medi-Clinic, 133-135 Kew Road, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 2PN. Telephone: 020 3773 7972

*My treatment was complimentary in return for review on my blog. As with any free treatment or products that I’m offered, I will only accept if it fits the feel of Glowology and I believe it’s something my readers would be interested in. All my opinions are written honestly.

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