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I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to try some great treatments and products recently and, as it’s always been the aim of Glowology to bring you anything that I feel will make you look gorgeous and feel fantastic, then I’m delighted! So, grab a coffee  – or, make it a glass of fizzy – it’s the right time somewhere in the world – and read about one of my best beauty treatment finds of the year…

Groom is a salon set in an elegant townhouse in St Christopher’s place, London W1, just off the shopping mecca Oxford Street with three floors of beauty rooms. It’s in a great location and is the ideal pit stop for those feeling all shopped out. In fact, I had to walk really fast past Mulberry because my heart kept telling me I needed a new purse. Luckily, my head told me otherwise as our funds are more urgently required to doing up our new house, so I put the imaginary blinkers on and rushed on by.

In the salon I was introduced to friendly therapist Carolina who explained that Groom is most popular for its two therapist synchronised beauty treatments. Noticing the hip clientele (moi included of course) and the number of women holding face time meetings while having a pedi, I could see why the salon is run off its feet with clients who come in for quick 30 minute or hour double therapist treatment before heading back to work. But it’s not all rush, rush, rush, there are longer more luxurious treatments available like the Zone Out Hour comprising a two therapist full body and face massage. Bliss! I’m really impressed with the idea of double duty beauty – looking great in super quick time is always a winner!

Groom London

The treatment I went for was the the For Her Eyes Only double therapist treatment which included a manicure alongside ‘lifting’ the lashes and shaping the brows. I was sad to whip off the tangerine polish that I’d favoured all summer and had to talk myself into going more autumnal, but loved the go-with-all grey with a hint of mocha which was my stylish choice.

I must admit, I was a little bit apprehensive about having my lashes ‘done’ as I’d never even had them tinted yet alone ‘lifted’ before but Carolina put me at ease explaining how it’s one of their best selling treatments. Is it eyelash perming? In a sense, but I’m told it’s a much improved version. I was shown three domed semi circular silicone pads which I had to choose from and I decided on number 2 – a middle volume lift which aims to give a natural yet effective eye opener rather than number 1 – the almost flat silicone pad – which I imagine is better for those with shorter lashes, or girls in their twenties going for an almost dolly like look. Number 3 was a more gentle lift altogether and ideal for long lashes.

lisa's lashes nicest

The pad was placed onto my upper lash line and Carolina gently combed my lashes up and over it and before covering them with a solution to soften and condition. After 13 minutes she added another – putrid scented – lotion. If you ever tried to emulate Meg Ryan’s crispy perm from When Harry Met Sally (like I did) you can never forget the eggy smell of perm lotion! This set the lashes and curved them to the shape of the domed pad. Although the treatment wasn’t painful, it was a bit uncomfortable – I found myself wanting to open my eyes just because I was told not to!  While waiting for my lashes to set, my brows were plucked and neatened and a relaxing hand massage finished off my manicure.


Once the lotion was removed and my lashes tinted, Carolina removed the pads and wiped my eyes with a cleanser to remove any excess lotion. I felt relieved at finally being able to open my eyes and it somehow made seeing my glossy grey nails even more of a pleasure. My lashes looked thicker, darker and definitely more lifted and 2 months on, although the tint has faded, they’re still looking more lifted and I was so impressed, I’ve booked myself in for another treatment pre Christmas parties!

For Her Eyes Only costs £110 with the manicure* and there are some great treatments which start from just £15. Check out all the treatments here and find out more information on Groom and other lovely shops and eateries, perfect for a spot of Christmas shopping at 





* I was lucky enough to be able to try this treatment for free but I would only ever review a post that I would be happy to recommend to others and pay for myself.


  1. December 1, 2014 / 12:55 pm

    I end up spending all my Christmas money on treatments ha ha! 😀 I love your lashes, xx

  2. December 8, 2014 / 4:50 am

    So interesting because I am the person giving the lashes treatment!

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