The Joy of Out Of Office

My boys (Stressed Husband and son) have flown off to watch England v Belgium in the World Cup in Russia and to partake in some beer-swilling, footie-watching, dad and lad bonding time. Lovely! And I am overly excited now because I’m off to Barcelona with some friends tomorrow for our annual few days of R&R by the pool! 

We’re often asked by friends what we do when we’re there  – clubbing? Sightseeing? Busy shopping expeditions? Nope. None of that. We are definitely not mums-go-mad on tour – we’re more women-that-won’t. And by that I mean, we won’t move from lounging around the pool unless it involves copious amounts of alcohol and carbs in the hotel restaurant! This is all we do. We eat, drink, laugh, chat, swim (bob up and down doing mummy breaststroke so as  not to ruin the fresh highlights) – have a little break to read some trashy mags – then repeat. AND WE LOVE IT! 

There is something quite hedonistic about doing exactly what you want to do, isn’t there? Yet, I wonder why. Why is it that women often feel they should be doing something for somebody else otherwise it doesn’t count – or it  makes us feel guilty? Maybe that’s just me. For me, I think that is how it goes once you become a mum – even when you’re an almost-empty-nester mum – you’re still a mum and therefore, still always thinking about what the ‘kidults’ are up to and whether there’s anything you can do to help! This annual long weekend with the ladies, though – is ALL ABOUT ME! Yes, there will be WhatsApp messages, tweets and insta stories flying around the family groups but, in general, the kidults and Stressed Husband know that this is strictly my time and they leave me to it. Apart from raising an eyebrow and muttering the odd ‘lame…boring’ under their breath when I come home and tell them what I did (or didn’t do) on my few days away,  they are pleased that my low-key weekend away rocks my boat (well, sways it very gently) and makes me happy.

Good_Vibes_OnlySo, I’ve got some busy busy weeks coming up when I return from my trip and I really need to start raising my blog game a bit more as I’ve been MIA while pondering the future of Glowology (that’s a whole other post to be written soon.) But, while I’m gone, I’d like to think that you, my lovely readers, might have a little think about what time out you take for yourself. Do you carve out special time to sit and think or relax or meditate and just be still? If you do, then fab – keep going because being and doing what really, really makes you feel good and brings you inner joy is so important – essential even! And if you don’t – or you don’t think you do it enough, make this weekend the start of you looking into what you want, where you want to be and what makes you happy. 

Chill and smile. I know I will be! Until next time…


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