The Perfect Summer Wedges? I Found Them!

I recently shared my perfect summer wedges on Instagram and, unsurprisingly – because they are some HOT looking must-have wedges – they got a lot of love! I wanted to delve in a bit deeper and share my thoughts on here too for my readers who aren’t on Instagram, but who like to follow my musings on my blog. So here goes…

I was contacted by the founder of Zaccys, Meg Cope, a few months ago and she asked whether I would be interested in collaborating as she enjoyed my Instagram posts and felt that I was an ideal snapshot of the typical Zaccys customer (have you seen their shoes? Who wouldn’t want to be a customer?) I immediately, scrolled to Zaccys insta profile and read about Meg and the shoes on her website and knew at once that this was a brand that I and my Insta/blog followers would relate to – high quality, sustainable, charity driven and totally glam and cool! I was in 😃 

The perfect summer wedges

Showing off as usual 😉

Here I am flaunting and admiring my new best shoes – Giselle Sunset – with the ideal tag line ‘The ultimate summer shoe even on a grey day in London!’ And yes, yes they are perfect – from the buttery soft suede in versatile nude to the hand-embroidered vibrant orange and coral detailing. I pinged up the look even more with orange wide legged, cropped trousers from Primark while tempering it slightly with a plain white cotton shirt from Next. I thought this outfit would really pack a punch for the Instagram grid but I also think these shoes would look incredible with faded blue jeans and a shirt – whatever I wear them with, I know these Giselle Sunset wedges will always steal the show!

When it comes to charity, I will always support a cause that matters and what I loved so much about the shoes apart from their obvious beauty of course, was that Zaccys London donate €5 to children’s charities for every pair purchased. Founder Meg, who was an eye surgeon before turning entrepreneur, changed her career path so that she could spend more time caring for her youngest child during his successful treatment for leukaemia, so of course, the children’s cancer charity holds a special place in Meg’s heart.


Dancing Diva
Being a woman who, from the age of about 15, has danced (a lot) in heels at many, many parties, I’ve began to feel a bit of a diva failure, because over the last few years I’ve taken to doing the typical middle-aged aunty thing, of kicking off my heels to dance. With the agony heels now cause me, it’s either kick off the shoes, or stop dancing – and that ain’t ever going to happen! So, I’m really pleased that  Zaccys shoes are specially designed with comfort in mind as much as gorgeousness – they’re hand-crafted with a unique memory form sole which feels really lovely on the tootsies. Oh yes, juicy gossip alert – I was fascinated when Meg told me that they offer a broad size range from 35-43 and that actress, Kate Winslet is their best customer in size 43! Well, who knew eh?

stylish wedges

Zaccys London turned 3 in May and so up until the 31st to celebrate this milestone, they are offering an exclusive 15% off all of the collections with the code LISA15 – so hurry, you’ve got 6 days left! Pop along to their website here and check them out.

Glowology Style
On another note, I just wanted to let my readers know that since collaborating with fashion brands like Boden and Zaccys, my love for style has come flooding back with a passion! Of course, as a beauty journalist for years and years, skincare and makeup has featured heavily in my life – and always will – but I have had such great feedback from friends and followers who are really interested in style posts too, so I will be bringing more of that into Glowology. After all, Glowology began life as a blog to empower us gorgeous midlifers to live, look and feel our fabulous best – and a confident boosting outfit or pair of shoes certainly goes a long way to doing just that!

I hope that you enjoy my fashion finds and style posts as much as I do!

AD-GIFT COLLABORATION: I was gifted my beautiful Zaccys London shoes and asked to feature them in which ever way I wanted to on Instagram. I wasn’t asked to write a blog post about them – I chose to do this because I genuinely adore them and respect the brand’s ethos and I think you will too.




  1. Tracey
    May 26, 2019 / 10:47 am

    What an interesting background to the brand. I can’t help but feel a little sceptical when brands do the charity thing but when there’s a story like this one involved you know the gesture is genuine. The sandals are gorgeous and style has to come with comfort for me these days too and I have wide feet – well hello there Kate Winslet. Great post as always ♥️♥️

    • Glowology
      May 26, 2019 / 11:51 am

      Thanks for the comment Tracey! I also have wide feet and these are ideal. I always remember saying fashion comes before comfort as I shimmied my way out clubbing in skyscraper heels Not anymore! So I’m with you here! ❤️

  2. May 26, 2019 / 11:40 pm

    You picked a perfect pair! Love those. Welcome to the world of fashion blogging! xx

    • Glowology
      May 28, 2019 / 9:45 am

      Hi Laurie – thanks so much for popping to the blog. Yep, I am finding my style mojo at long last – let’s see how long this lasts! These shoes are definitely the perfect introduction to showing off some sassy style! Lisa xx

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