The Power of the Ponytail

If you were on Family Fortunes and they asked you to name a popular hairstyle, I bet the answer Ponytail would get you the highest score. It’s a style that’s been around for years and when done properly, can make your 2 minutes of effort look amazing. But beware the versions that give ponytails a bad name such as the much giggled at Croydon Facelift, where it’s scraped up and back so tightly, your eyes and forehead wind up heading north giving you a ‘stuck in a wind tunnel or battered with Botox’ look, or the bland ‘I couldn’t be bothered, I’m off to Lidl’ look, which is a greasy, loosely tied at the nape of the neck with zilch effort affair. The perfect ponytail can pack a punch with just a few minutes of coiffing. Here’s how…


  • Unless you’re under 35, or you’re working out and want to prevent your hair from becoming a sweaty mess, avoid the ‘Barbie’ pony that’s tied high on top of your head. It might look cute and bouncy on a teenager but it can look a bit mutton on the over 40s, so keep it mid height or wear it to the side for a casual yet elegant look.
  • Vicki Goymer, owner of The Chiswick Salon suggests the secret to a great ponytail is to keep it soft and work with your face shape. A little height at the crown and a subtle side parting can knock years off and look stunning worn for everyday or dressed up with glam accessories for the evening. Vicki recommends getting your hairdresser to show you a few easy ways to wear your ponytail so you can copy it at home. “For style inspiration, Google celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Kate Winslet and Nicole Scherzinger who always seem to get their ponytails spot on” Says Vicki.
  • If you’ve got thin hair and feel you’ve got more of a rat’s tail than a pony’s tail, my little (pony) trick is to discreetly place one or two mini butterfly clips under the top layer of your ponytail to give it some puff and to make your hair look thicker.


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